Set in 2050, this story is based upon two societies that are at war, the Broads and the Narrows. The main character Keziah Bellamey and her siblings Favel and Robin are caught up in the middle of the war and are now on the run for the rest of their lives. Master Napier wants them dead, but can they stay hidden forever? especially as Keziah falls in love with Napier's son....


6. Chapter 6

Standing before them was a boy, around fifteen years old, wearing demin skinny jeans and a sweater. He had gorgeous brown hair - like Keziah's, and blue, glistening eyes. Keziah blushed immediately. The boy looked a little taken aback. At first he had only seen Robin, a tall, strong boy who looked a few years older than himself and then he had rested his eyes on her.

“Excuse me”Robin stuttered. “We were wondering if you could help us? I’m a bit embarrassed to ask this but you see we really need some food and we were wondering if…”

The boy with the brown hair forced his gaze back and nodded. “Would you like to come in?” he asked politely.

“Are you sure?” Robin sounded surprised.

“Yes of course, anyway what are your names?” he asked them, staring at Keziah for the whole time.

“I’m Robin and this is Keziah” he replied.

The boy smiled and led them into the kitchen. “I’m called Ronan”.

Keziah finally found her voice. “Thankyou so much for this Ronan” she smiled at him.

“Its fine” he replied, eyeing her up and down “You look like you need some help anyway”.

“I’m sorry” Robin interrupted “We’ve had a rough night”.

“Do you mind me asking what happened?” Ronan asked, yet again staring at Keziah.

“We’d rather not talk about it” he replied, feeling a bit uncomfortable with the eye contact that his sister and the stranger were making.

Keziah stared at Ronan as he walked over to the cupboards pulling out a loaf of bread and some butter. She felt numb from the inside, he was beautiful – too beautiful and she felt a terrible desire to be near him. This was something she had never experienced before, and she didn’t know what to make of it, all she could think about was…-

“Keziah!” Robin snapped her out of her reverie and she blushed dramatically, scared that he had heard her thoughts. “Would you like toast?”

“Erm yes please” she replied, blushing at the smile that appeared on Ronan’s face. ‘Had he seen me staring at him!?’ she thought, embarrassment washing through her like a tsunami.

Soon they were being served toast with jam and cups of tea. And they sat in an awkward silence.

“So, do you live here with your parents?” Robin finally asked him.

“Just with my dad, but he’s always at work so I’m home alone most of the time”.

“You must be lonely” Keziah added, cursing herself afterwards. ‘WHAT A STUPID THING TO SAY YOU IDIOT’ she thought to herself, cringing violently.

“Yeah it is, I could do with some company” Ronan said, with a slight flirtation in his voice.

Keziah looked up and stared into his thick lashed, bright blue eyes, a smile tugging at her mouth. Robin coughed awkwardly and they sat in silence again for a while.

“Do you guys need anywhere to stay for a while?” Ronan asked, taking the empty plates away from the table. “I’m not sure my father would approve but he’s away for a few days so he would never know”.

“We wouldn’t want to intrude” Keziah said before her brother could open his mouth.

“Ahh no, don’t worry about that” Ronan smiled at her. “As I said, I need the company”.

“There is someone else though” Robin added. “I have another sister, we left her behind, you wouldn’t want three of us would you?”

“Well, if she’s as pretty as Keziah then I’ll be happy to let you stay” Ronan winked at them.

Keziah thought she was going to burst, ‘HE CALLED ME PRETTY’ she screamed to herself happily. Robin, who had lowered himself from the stool, frowned at that remark and awkwardly faked a smile.

“We’ll go and get her then” Robin tugged at Keziah’s hand and pulled her towards the door.

“Can’t Keziah stay here?” Ronan asked as he followed them down the hallway.

Robin seemed extremely unimpressed with that idea.

“Yeah, I mean there’s no need for me to come with you” Keziah added hurriedly. “It would be more dangerous anyway for me to come”.

He was about to object but reluctantly let her stay, realizing she was right and it was the safest place for her. As he headed outside he kissed Keziah on the cheek and murmured a quick, ‘I’ll be back soon’ before shutting the door behind him.

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