Set in 2050, this story is based upon two societies that are at war, the Broads and the Narrows. The main character Keziah Bellamey and her siblings Favel and Robin are caught up in the middle of the war and are now on the run for the rest of their lives. Master Napier wants them dead, but can they stay hidden forever? especially as Keziah falls in love with Napier's son....


4. Chapter 4

It seemed like they had been walking for hours. Wondering aimlessly down narrow alleyways and deserted roads, making their way further out of the town. Robin had leant against Favel for the entire journey and they all were completely worn out.

“Let’s rest here?” Keziah suggested, pointing to an alcove that had been built into a crumbled bridge. Robin looked doubtful but finally agreed. They all squeezed into the small space, relieved that the nights were still humid or they would’ve frozen to death. Keziah stared at her brother.Him and Favel were the spitting image of their mother, olive skinned and dark haired, which Keziah had always been jealous of. Robin was the eldest of the two, a year older than Favel and three years older than Keziah who was only fourteen. Keziah had always felt like the child in the family when they were at home. Home…. The word caused a pain in her chest, she longed for it as much as she longed for her mother. She hadn’t yet fully forgiven her mother for what she had done, but she had done it for them Keziah thought guiltily. She tried to push all thought about her mother away and sighed.

“What are we going to do?” Favel whispered, hugging her knees into her chest.

“We can’t stay here, we will need to look for food and shelter” Keziah said solemnly.

Robin, who was staring at his two sisters, shook his head. “I don’t know, I just don’t know”.

They sat awkwardly in silence for a while and then Robin and Favel drifted to sleep, leaving Keziah stuck in her own thoughts. She thought of Drew’s face when they had said goodbye, she thought of her mother being shoved on the floor and slapped around the face, she thought of Master Napier in the hall and she grit her teeth in hatred.

Keziah stood up and examined herself, she had bruises on her arms where the men had held her and her knees were bloody. Leaving her sleeping brother and sister behind she stepped out of the alcove and walked to the river that the bridge stretched over. After washing her face and knees she sat on the bank, idly pulling out tufts of grass as she stared into the distance. She could just about see the border that separated the city – where the Broads lived and the countryside – where the Narrows (like herself) lived. She had heard rumours that the city was a beautiful place, with tall glass buildings that shot up into the sky, and clean streets with pretty flowers lined along it. That’s what started the revolution between the Broads and the Narrows, the Narrows had had enough of the Broads living in such luxuries while they starved to death so they declared war upon them. This was ten years ago and the sides have been fighting ever since.

Suddenly a wave of exhaustion hit Keziah and she crawled back into the alcove just before she fell asleep.

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