Set in 2050, this story is based upon two societies that are at war, the Broads and the Narrows. The main character Keziah Bellamey and her siblings Favel and Robin are caught up in the middle of the war and are now on the run for the rest of their lives. Master Napier wants them dead, but can they stay hidden forever? especially as Keziah falls in love with Napier's son....


12. Chapter 12


“Just for the night?” Ronan pleaded. “It’s getting dark and from what I hear you won’t have anywhere to sleep tonight anyway. Please? I promise I won’t ask any questions and you can leave whenever you want in the morning, my father won’t be home and it’s safer if you stay here”.

Robin glanced to his sister – Keziah, she had a massive smile on her face and he couldn’t refuse. He would break his sister’s heart if they left now. He felt extremely jealous when he saw his sister’s face, she was in love, he knew it, and he didn’t like it one bit. He could tell with the way she looked at Ronan, with longing in her eyes, he suddenly felt very protective. Robin wondered nervously what had happened when he had gone to find Favel, he bit his chapped lip.

“We can’t, we honestly can’t” he replied finally.

“It’s only for the night!” Keziah exclaimed.

‘That’s what I’m afraid of’ Robin thought to himself, he couldn’t let his sister be in the same house with his boy overnight. He didn’t even know Ronan, he could take advantage of her.

“Look,” Favel began “I suppose it’s not such a bad idea, Ronan honestly doesn’t mind us staying and where would we go anyway? Let’s just stay here Rob”.

‘Great, three against one’ Robin thought to himself, he had to let them, he had to give in.

“Fine!” he finally exclaimed. “But I don’t want Keziah anywhere near you” he pointed an accusing finger at Ronan and Keziah blushed.

“Robin!” Keziah wailed, completely embarrassed.

Ronan smirked. “Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to keep my hands off you’re sister. But it’ll be a struggle, I warn you”.

Favel and Keziah burst out laughing at the shocked look on Robin’s face and they all made their way inside. Robin knew that Ronan would try something with his sister. He would have to stop him.



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