Set in 2050, this story is based upon two societies that are at war, the Broads and the Narrows. The main character Keziah Bellamey and her siblings Favel and Robin are caught up in the middle of the war and are now on the run for the rest of their lives. Master Napier wants them dead, but can they stay hidden forever? especially as Keziah falls in love with Napier's son....


1. Chapter 1


The hall was extremely full that afternoon, people had crowded in, none wanting to miss the verdict. The doors had been propped open with empty fire extinguishers but the heat still clung to everyone like a magnet. Bodies that dripped with sweat stood along the back of the room, waving pieces of paper to try to produce a non-existent breeze. The people who had arrived early enough sat on chairs nearer to the front of the hall chattering to each other noisily. The room quietened when Master Napier climbed up onto the wooden stage and took his place behind the microphone stand. All eyes averted to him as he cleared his throat and began to speak.

  “Thank you for all showing up today, and I hope you will all be pleased with the outcome of this trial” he smiled into the microphone. Favel Bellamey and her sister, Keziah exchanged painful glances. Master Napier took his seat on the raised platform and watched as two burly men dragged a woman into the room. Keziah let out a little gasp and her brother – Robin, gave her a warning glance. Luckily the three siblings were sat at the back of the hall and no one was paying much attention to them. ‘It will be fine, just please try, please’ pleaded her brothers eyes. She gave him a little nod and dug her nails into her hands. “You have to keep a low profile” they had been warned before they had entered the stuffy hall, they had to try their best.

    As soon as the woman had entered the hall there had been murmurs and noises of disgust from the audience. The men shoved her onto the stage forcefully and she let out a cry of protest as they pushed her into a wooden chair. She glanced into the audience but quickly dropped her head when she saw their glaring faces. Her brown hair fell over her bruised face and she whimpered as they handcuffed her arms down beside her. Master Napier looked at the woman with disgust and took his place back behind the microphone stand.

  “In the dictionary…” he began with a venomous tone. “The word ‘traitor’ means ‘a person who changes to the enemy’s side or gives away information to the enemy. And unfortunately to say, ladies and gentlemen…” his gaze swept across the audience. “This woman here,” he pointed a bony finger towards the shaking lady. “Has been found guilty of both of those crimes”. Someone from the crowd shouted something inappropriate and the hall became full of shouts and angry remarks. Keziah bit down on her lip and tried to push down the anger that rose inside her body. She exchanged glances with her sister and took a deep breath, willing herself to keep calm. The hall silenced as a man in a long, black robe appeared onto the platform, setting himself down behind a table at the front of the stage.

  “Now that the judge has arrived, the case may begin” Master Napier's voice boomed through the hall.

“So” the judge cleared his throat. “This is the woman that has been accused?”

“Yes, this is she” confirmed Master Napier with a grim expression.

The judge stared at the trembling woman, with the same disgust that Master Napier had shown.

"Am i correct in saying that this woman has been found guilty of spying into our headquarters and selling top secret information to the Broads?” the judge demanded.

“That is correct” replied Master Napier, as he ran a hand through his oily hair.

“Which therefore puts all of us in danger, if the Broads know anything about our plans then we could be ruined!” the judge exclaimed. “Do you know what she told them?”

“As i have written in the case notes" Master Napier handed him some sheets of paper. "She will not tell us anything, we have even tried forms of torture but she still remains stubborn”.

“There must be a way, she will have to tell us eventually” the judge sighed, the wrinkles in his forehead becoming more visible.

“I will never tell you anything” the woman hissed and spat onto Master Napier’s shoes.

“She will not tell us” Master Napier replied as he wiped his shoe clean. “Anyway I thought we are here to discuss her outcome” he seemed eager.

The judge frowned “We cannot decide until she tells us, we need to know what she has told them, it’s extremely important”. He flicked through the notes and joined Master Napier who was standing next to the woman.

“Kill her” yelled someone from the audience and there were shouts of agreement from the rest of the crowd. Master Napier who seemed pleased with that remark, grabbed the woman by her hair and yanked her head up so she was looking at him.

“I will give you one last chance to tell us” he told her.

“Never” she whispered.

“Well in that case we will have to force you to tell us then” Master Napier gave a sly grin.

“I though you have tried everything?” the judge asked curiously.

“There is still one thing…”

“I will never tell you, nothing you do will change that” she shouted, her body shaking.

“What about your children?” Master Napier smirked.

“What about them?!" she demanded. "You will never find them” she sounded unsettled.

“Unfortunately that’s where you wrong” he chuckled “they’re already here".



Thankyou for reading this! and please can you guys give feedback? i have no clue what anyone thinks of this yet so it would be much appreciated! thankyouus:)


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