Insecure: The Living Games

Ashley Page is just one of the other million insecure teenage girls. When she goes to a One Direction concert with her best friend Jo, she's spotted in the crowd by Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. Who will she pick? There's only one way for her to pick, through The Living Games.


6. Uncomfortable

Ashley's P.O.V

Monday Afternoon

"Where do you wanna go?" I ask Louis, looking up into the sky enjoying the wind blowing my hair back in the Mustang Convertible.

"That's what I just asked you," Louis laughs, adjusting his black sunglasses.

"I love this car," I say.

"Yeah, I've always been kinda obsessed with cars," he says .

"I love Mustangs," I say smiling, "they're my favorite."

"How about we go go-kart racing?" he asks, "You know, since we both like cars."

"No thanks," I smirk at him but he frowns, "I'd hate to embarrass you."

"We'll see about that," he laughs and he speeds up the car.

"I think they're following us," I say, looking in the mirror at the black vans behind us.

"Yeah it's just the paps," he sighs, "I call those vans the no candy vans." He laughs.


"Because they look like a rapist van that rapers drive when they try to get little kids into the van, they're like, 'Come in my van and I'll give you candy.' And then the kid gets in and realizes that there is no candy, making them disappointed. Therefore, nicknamed the no candy van," he explains and we both laugh. For the rest of the ride, we smack talk to each other about who's gonna win until we're at the go-kart place.

"I come here all the time with Zayn," Louis says as we walk into the building and I nod.

"Louis!" a guy behind the desk yells extending his arms. He gives Louis one of those manly hugs where they like clap each others hand's together and then pat each other on the back with the other. I call those man hugs.

"Who's this?" he asks, looking at me smiling politely.

"This is my girlfriend, Ashley," he says and I choke on nothing a bit.

Again, everybody just stahp it. Did he just say my girlfriend, Ashley? Ugh, I can't even deal. First of all, Louis Tomlinson just called me his girlfriend after one date which means that he would call me his like permanent, serious girlfriend and say it out loud. But, it's only been one date. Slow down, rushing things just ruins things. Or maybe he just said that to get me thinking about it. If that was the plan, mission accomplished Louis. I'm just overthinking something, as usual. That's what I'm best at. Next thing I know, I'm sitting in a go-cart next to Louis sitting in a go-cart.

"Alright children, basic rules that I have to say or I'll get sued. No bumping, this isn't a girly little bumper cars game at the carnival. Keep your hands in feet in the cart at all times and blah blah blah safety safety safety, "Paul mocks and I laugh, "So there'll be three races, best 2 outta three wins. 10 laps each race. Get it?"

"Got it!" Louis yells, eyes plastered on the track in front of him.

"Good," Paul mumbles, "ready…set…goat!" I crinkle up my eyes, but Louis darts off in his cart. I guess goat counts as go.

I catch up with Louis' head start on the start of the fourth lap. I try to go to the outside of the track, but Louis verges in front of me. I try again but quickly verge off in the opposite direction that I did the first time. Louis messes up on the final turn before the 6th lap, 4 to go. I slow down a little, so Louis can catch up with me before another left turn. The second he catches up with me, driving directly to the right of me, I do a fake bump where I almost barely touch him and he slides off to the right, instinctively trying to avoid the bump, ruining the left turn. I laugh a little and speed off, leaving him to eat my dust on the start of 7th lap. He's three turns behind. When he finally catches up a little, I've already won, as expected. I wait for him at the starting line after I win.

"Cheater," he mumbles.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you over my victory screech," I mimic the victory screech off of Spongebob then I laugh.

"That made no sense," he says.

"Even if it didn't, I still won," I mock and he sighs. I smile superiorly.

"You've won the battle, but not the war. I'm not gonna go easy on you this time," he says.

"Well if you are, stop," I say and we both return our attention back to the track.

"Ready…set…goat!" Paul yells and we both take off, at the same time causing us to drive in sync right next to each other. The whole race was pretty even until the ending of the last lap, right before the last turn. Louis illegally bumps into me, messing up my turn. We both drive back up to the starting line.

"Don't even talk to me, Louis," I say, focusing on the track, not bothering to look at him.

"But I'm the sore loser?!" he yells at me.

"But I'm the cheater?! He said NO bumping! But what did you do?!" I yell looking at him, but he laughs, "this isn't funny! This is not a game! This is the last race, whoever wins this one wins it all. This ones for all the marbles!!!" He snickers under his breath.

"What's so funny?" I ask, somewhat annoyed.

"You said marbles," he snickers.

"Immature," I mumble under my breath, rolling my eyes then refocus my attention on the track.

"Ready…set…goat!" Paul yells.

Again, Louis and I take off the start line side by side. Me on the inside of the track and him on the outside. I slow down just enough to be inches behind Louis and I stay there until' the start of lap 7. I make fake attempts to get past him, so he can get cocky, so he can take the laps as his victory laps, not trying to accede his imaginary lead. So he can gloat in my face, but it's really all just a part of plan.

On the start of the now 8th lap, I do another juke move around Louis so were driving side by side yet again. I stay in that position until the start of the 10th and on the final stretch, I get on the inside, almost bump into him. And as expected, he tries to bump me back, but I quickly hit the brakes, causing him to ram into the wall. I laugh driving across the finish line as he tries to back up off the wall. When I'm about to walk through the door into the building to get back to the car, Louis is just finally crossing the finish line.

"I'll meet you in the car Lou," I laugh, yelling. Paul walks with me to the car.

"Thanks for coming…"

"Ashley," I say and shake his hand.

"Yeah thanks for coming Ashley, hope to see ya soon. You got some ridiculous driving skills," Paul laughs.

"Thanks, I'll see you soon," I say waving and then I jump into the car. Minutes later, Louis hops in with me.

"I've gotta admit, you're really good. How about a quick lunch?" he says, starting the car.

"Sure. Can we go to Wendy's?" I ask.

"Next stop, Wendy's," he says and we split out of the parking lot and so does a no-candy van behind us. I wonder what the Instafans will think of our date, and what edits they'll make out of them because I know they'll see. If there's a no-candy van, there's paps, and if there's paps there's cameras, and if there are cameras there's definitely a story. Directioners will see, they always do. They're kinda scary.


Monday Afternoon

"I never knew they had potatoes," Louis says taking a sip out of his Root Beer Frosty Float and I take one out of mine.

"I always come here for their potatoes. They're the best," I say, spreading butter and sour cream on my potato.

"They are quite delicious," he says and I nod.

"True." I really feel weird eating around Louis because I don't wanna look like a pig around him. I always feel a little uncomfortable eating around people, but when I was tearing down that sandwich at the park with Liam, I don't even remember it crossing my mind. You know, like the uncomfort of it.

"What's your plans for the rest of the day?" he asks, taking a bite out of his bacon cheese burger. I got the same thing as Louis, a root beer frosty float and a potato, but I didn't want to get a burger. I didn't want Louis to think I was greedy. But the thing is, I ate two sandwiches with Liam at the park while we were on laying on top of the playground set. But that's different then a potato and a frosty float, right? Why am I even thinking about Liam on my date with Louis?

"Um… I'm going to a drive-in movie theatre," I say looking down at my food.

"With who? Are you going with Harry?" he asks, looking concerned.

"No, I'm not going with Harry, that's gross," I say. Let's see how he'll answer this, "why would you think I'm going with Harry?"

"Well…uh…Harry kinda had a crush on you, but he said he's more interested in Jo now, but I didn't really believe him cause he's Harry. But I didn't tell you…Liam did," he babbles, the first time I've ever seen him a little nervous. It's a little weird to see Louis nervous, I'm usually the one nervous, "but who are you really going with?"

"Oh, Liam," I shrug, trying to make it sound like it's no big deal when it is. In fact, it's a huge deal.

"Cool," he says his voice crackling and his eyes gets this look, a look I've never seen before because no one could ever feel that pit of fire in their stomach because of me. It's jealousy, the most powerful feeling of them all, right behind love.

"That's a lie," I mumble, "you're jealous." I say kinda teasing him.

"No, but I'm not," he laughs.

"Then why are you blushing?" I ask.

"I'm not blushing!" He says defensively.

"You weren't, but now you are," I laugh and he covers up his cheeks with his hands, sighing, "but why?" I ask the burning question.

"Well, you're you. You're practically perfect," he says, admittedly, but I don't believe him. I laugh then take a sip of my float.

"You're lying," he says and he puts on a face like 'you've gotta be kidding me' and I nod and shrug, "I mean, I'm no model… or Beyoncé." I wish I was Beyoncé though.

"But you're personality shines over your insecurities that you shouldn't even be insecure about. Your insecure about nothing," he says kinda defensively like he's me or something. But what he says touches me, touches his heart. Personality shines over insecurities. It's kinda cheesy to say, but that was beautiful.

"What times your date?" he sighs, picking at the rest of his food, like he lost his appetite.

"8," I mumble.

"It's 6:30, you wanna just hangout here or go home and get ready?" he asks shyly, "I know you have to get dressed and everything, I'm not sure how long you girls take."

"You took forever to get dressed the other day," I laugh, "Having to quiff up your hair and everything."

"Beauty takes time," he laughs, destroying his attention on his food, "So it must take you forever." I can't help but blush, but I don't blush, I never blush cause there's never anything to blush about. Either way you can barely ever see it, I'm black it doesn't really show no matter how racist that sounds.

"Stop it," I say, smiling a little. I can't help but think in the back of my head that he's lying. I'm not pretty, "alright let's go."

"Where?" He asks, looking up at me cleaning my area.

"To my house," I shrug, like it's obvious and he smirks, "I have to get ready." I think I'm lying, but I'm not sure. By the time we get to my house, it'll be around 7, and I have to think about this date. I can't process it all in front of Louis, that's weird.


"Let me walk you to your door," Louis says hopping out of the car.

"I think I can make it on my own, but sure," I shrug, knowing I probably can't stop him anyway. We make it to the door leading to a pretty normal sized apartment building with 4 or 5 other people.

"I had fun beating you, Lou," I laugh before walking through the door, but he stops me.

He pushes my back against the door and holds both of my hands, pinning them against the door next to my head. He leans in and I have no clue what to do. I don't wanna try to break free, it'll just embarrass him, the paps are somewhere taking pictures of this. I can't just kiss him back, I don't feel it. The moment just doesn't feel right. Or is it? Why not kiss him? Before I answer my own question, he kisses me. It was like a three second kiss. It felt nice, but it felt weird. It felt uncomfortable kinda, but I'm not the one to end it he is, then he looks me in the eye for a second.

"I had to do that once," he says, then he lets me go, puts his hood over his head and stuffs his hands on his pockets, turns around, and walks away slowly. I find myself trying to yell out his name, but for what? There's nothing that I can tell him. I'm still trying to figure out what happened at Wendy's. I sigh and go to my apartment.

I would say home sweet home, but I can't. I'm about to leave in about a hour. Not even grasping the energy to walk to my room, I plant myself face first on the couch and moan into a big fluffy throw pillow and then sigh as loud as I possibly can. I hear a knock on the door, probably my neighbor Jo. Yeah, Jo lives next door to me. That's how we met, when I first moved in, she's the first person I ran into. Lucky me. She walks in the door, even though it's locked.

"Hey," she says sitting on the couch beside me.

"How'd you get in?" I ask.

"I made a key to get in," she says.

"You suck," I moan.

"And you swallow," she says.

"Gross," I reply weakly kicking her.

"Yeah, but how was your date with Louis?" she asks.

"It was alright we went go-cart racing, then to Wendy's then he drove me home," I shrug.

"Details," she says, pulling my face off the pillow, sitting me up on the couch.

"I beat him in go-carts, we got to Wendy's and got potatoes and Frosty's. I must admit I felt uncomfortable," I say, maybe talking to Jo will help me figure everything out.

"When?" she asks.

"While we were eating and talking," I say.

"Talking about what?"

"My date with Liam and then he told me something I'll never forget, he said that my personality shines over my insecurities," I say.

"You're too insecure, Ash. He really likes you, but you're just so…secure or confined with what you say and do. You're always trying to be amazing and it traps who you really are. Just try not to think about it. Don't worry what other people think of you," she explains and I kinda get what she's saying and I've been trying to be myself for awhile now, but I'm just not sure who or what myself is.

"What else happened?" she asks.

"He kissed me," I say blankly.

"What is your problem?!?! How could you NOT tell me until' now?!?!" she gets up off the couch and paces back and forth, "details." She demands.

"About three or four seconds, he pinned me to the wall, kissed me, and then slowly walked away," I shrug.

"You kissed him back?" She asks, stopping her pacing off a second to look at me. I nod. She continues pacing, stops, then looks out the window, "look at this Ash."

I sigh and get up to walk to the window. I peek out and there's Louis, pacing back and forth in front of he building like a maniac.

"As I'm walking towards you'd door," Jo begging, kinda singing.

"My head turns to face the floor," I finish.

"So what does that mean,Ash?" Jo asks, making me think about it instead of her just telling me. He's pacing, thinking just like Jo was seconds before. Thinking about what? He's in front of my door, thinking. Thinking about what happened.

"He wants to tell me something, but he's thinking of how to tell me. When he does, he's gonna come up here and tell me?" I answer kinda like a question.

"Now you got it," she smiles.

"You're like a detective," I say.

"I know, I'm amazing," she brags, "but now you have another date to get ready for."

"Help me get dressed," I say pulling her to my bedroom.

"Take a shower, I'll pick out your outfit," she says.

I grab underwear and a bra and go into the bathroom. I take a quick shower and get changed into the perfect outfit Jo picked out: black t-shirt, blue jean jacket, and blue skinny jeans. She gave me long, black socks and my black Uggs that I never wear. It's a good outfit, I must admit. Jo is the only person on Earth that I would be half naked in front of, but a bikini is just like wearing a bra and underwear. After I'm dressed she gives me this cool hairstyle, big bouncy curls with a little flip on the sides of my head and I do my normal make-up routine:cover up pimples. Before I know it, I'm in the living room waiting for Liam. I hear a knock on the door and get up to answer it, Jo sprays me with a cherry scented perfume and I slap her, then answer the door. I open it and Liam is wearing a jean jacket, too , but a sleeveless one with blue jeans, but a white shirt instead of black.

"I didn't know we were gonna match," he laughs.

"I kinda like it," I say.

"Me too," he laughs, "Ready to go?"

"Yeah," I say and take a step out the door, "don't eat out the fridge Jo!"

"I'll think about it!" She yells back with a mouth filled with food. Too late. I close the door and walk down the corridor to the elevator with Liam.

"What'd you do to your hair?" he asks.

"Jo curled it," I say, "do you like it?"

"May I be honest?"

"That'd be helpful," I say kinda scared and he laughs.

"I liked it better straight, it's a more natural look," he says also kinda scared of my ration, but honestly I don't care.

"I really hate this whole make-up thing," I admit, stepping into the elevator.

"Yeah, but you wear a lot less then other girls. I like that about you," he says, "I also like how you don't get dressed up too much."

"Well thanks," I say and he nods, "you don't wear sleeved shirts often."

"Yeah, I don't find them very comfortable," he says, as we walk out the elevator.

"Or are you just trying to show off the guns?" I laugh.

"A little bit of both," he admits laughing. He opens up the car door for me and I get in. I already find myself feeling comfortable.

"Next stop movie drive-in place thingy," he says, starting the car, laughing.

"You're weird," I laugh.

"Why thank you," he says pulling out of the parking lot thing, "oh my god I almost hit that lady." He says smiling, he pulls down the window and the lady has an attitude at first while Liam says sorry, but then realizes it's Liam Payne. So she gets a picture and then we leave, both of us laughing at his driving skills.

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