Insecure: The Living Games

Ashley Page is just one of the other million insecure teenage girls. When she goes to a One Direction concert with her best friend Jo, she's spotted in the crowd by Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. Who will she pick? There's only one way for her to pick, through The Living Games.


5. Tomorrow

Ashley's P.O.V

Sunday Afternoon

"Niall was so down to earth and stuff. Our date was more personal than Harry's. It's kinda hard to explain. You know what I mean?" She asked, sipping on a cup of coffee.

"You know what's weird?" I ask her, before sipping out of my hot chocolate.


"I actually know what you're talking about," I laugh and she rolls her eyes, "But seriously, Liam's date was much more personal and… it really is hard to explain. Louis took me to some fancy restaurant trying to impress me, but we left after a while."

"Same with Harry, he's a real flirt sometimes, but you gotta love him," she says and I nod in agreement.

"Why would he try to impress me? I mean like, I get it, you're a rich band member. Isn't it obvious?" Jo laughs at me but then nods, knowing that it makes sense.

"Same with Harry. Niall took me golfing to like a real golf range instead of some cheesy mini golf place. He was real competitive and so was I. He beat me, I've never played golf before," she laughs.

"I went to the park with Liam and he made this adorable little picnic then we had the most extreme game of tag," I say. We both sip on our drinks for a while and then I look at my watch.

"I've gotta go," I say gathering my things, "I have work." I roll my eyes at the thought of it. I work at Starbucks. First of all, I hate Starbucks, but now I have to work there if I want to keep my apartment. My dad's a drug addict and my mom's dead, but I don't wanna go into detail about that. But anyway, I'm basically on my own so I need a job or I'm on the street or worse, in foster care.

I walk out of Dunkin' Donuts with Jo and we get mobbed by people with cameras, taking pictures while yelling questions in my face.

"Ashley, are you dating Liam or Louis?!" They ask.

"Jo are you dating Harry or Niall??" They ask her, yelling questions in both of our faces. Paparazzi? How did they know, I was never mobbed on either of my dates. Stalkers. I can't blame them, this is their job, how they provide for their families and or themselves. Might as well say something, so they can get their story.

"I wish I was," I laugh and the paparazzi people just put on shocked faces as Jo ignores them and splits off to her car. I walk off to my car and they make me a path without a word. There's nothing else for them to ask me, I really answered them all with one sentence. So I walk to my car, turn it on, and drive off while they quietly take pictures of me. I wave, smiling at the shocked faces of them and I drive off.

As I drive, every corner I turn or stop I make seems to be mocked by a few cars behind me. They're quite persistent about this, but like how did they find me at Dunkin' Donuts today? And where were they at my dates yesterday? I didn't see one paparazzi person thing. What are you even supposed to call them? They were probably hiding, staying in the shadows. Trying to get a base to their story, trying to figure out what was going on between us, and what I'm like, my personality. They need to know what I'm like, so they have a story to mold around my personality. I wish I knew as well. All I'm receiving is a lot of complicated mixed emotions. But what are they gonna say? What story are they gonna make of this and me? All I can say and think of are questions. There are just so many to ask.


Sunday Evening

I never knew what happened yesterday was this serious, I think rolling through my notifications and feed on Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter, mostly hate. I only have a Twitter account to follow celebrities, but now I have tons of followers, a bunch of people just wanting to know me. I only tweeted like 20 times, not including when I commented on tweets. I don't care though, some of it hurts, but I know their just overwhelmed with jealousy, been there done that. Now I'm on the other end of the story.

Instagram was halarious, though. A bunch of funny edits and loads of tons of followers. That made no sense, but in other words I have a lot more followers then I had on like Friday before the concert, before it all started. A few days ago, I only had like a hundred followers, now I have like half a million. I use my IG all the time, so there's stuff to like and repost for people.

I keep seeing the hashtag: #TeamTaleyOrTeamPaley My little fandom thing has terrible names. I also keep seeing: #LiamRunsLikeAGirl and #AshleyBeatLiam and #LiamSavedAshleyChoking A bunch of admittedly clever and funny edits about that stuff, but how did they know we played tag and that I choked and that I beat him in tag? They see EVERYTHING. After a while they started posting hilarious edits about my comment back at Dunkin' Donuts. They DON'T hate me, but they do. People on IG seem to love me, but Twitter is a whole different story.

"Ashley, one bagel with EXTRA cream cheese and a number 3," my workmate, Cody, says, reading off a slip of paper.

I'm a cook here, but I don't cook much, most people who come here just order drinks which makes my job easy because I've been told not to make drinks. That's my other workmate's, James, job.

James is also my ex. He was just too cocky and flirtatious so I eventually ended that relationship. But he did teach me that I was looking for, and more focused on personality wise guys. James is cute, but his attitude reeks of selfishness, cockiness, and "I'm awesomeness". That doesn't exist but you get the point, I hope.

All that separates us from each other at work are the stoves and stuff. There's two parts of the kitchen, the side where drinks are prepared, James's side, and the side where food is prepared, my side. It's not awkward between us, but it's not normal either so we just don't talk much. We get here, say hi, do what we need to do, leave, and say see you tomorrow, but he looks at me weird. A look that kinda says sorry.

That's how it's been ever since the night we broke up. The next day, we started our newfound routine, keeping our distance. For a majority of the time, I play on my phone, waiting for someone to order food that I'll have to cook, thinking about James. But now I'm seeing Louis Tomlinson AND Liam Payne, members of the worldwide super famous boy band, One Direction. James has NOTHING on them.

I get a text on my phone from Louis.

L- Stop by at my house when you can babe We need to talk

A- I'll be there after work

L- thanks see you then


"I heard you got mobbed today," Louis says sympathetically.

"Like it's your fault," I say, almost like saying don't say sorry and he nods.

"But I think you should just stay in the shadows for a while," he says, scratching the back of his head.

"I think I can handle it Louis," I laugh, sitting back in the couch and in the same spot as last night. It's kinda insulting to me that he doesn't think I can handle the paparazzi and hate on Twitter and stuff like that. Im not one of those independent girls that can't handle a little criticism. I don't need someone to cry to if a couple thousand people that don't know me call me ugly. I'm independent, I'm old enough to handle all this. I think I'll survive.

"At least just stay here for a while," he begs and I crinkle up my eyebrows.

"I have a life to live, Louis," I say standing up out of the couch walking towards Louis then I stand right in front of him, "I have a job and I have bills to pay. I can't just stay here all day."

"Then come over tomorrow at 3. I'll take you anywhere you want, we'll do anything you want, and we'll have a dandy time," he says.

"Dandy?" I ask laughing.

"A dandy doo time we shall have," he smiles.

"If you wanted to hangout, why didn't you just ask?" I ask rhetorically, spinning around on my heel back towards the couch.

"I'm a shy lad."

"If you're shy then I must be missing something," I say grabbing my things and he laughs. He walks me to the door, opens it and I walk out. Opening my car door, he finally calls out from his door:


"Tomorrow," I say before getting in the car then shutting the door. He still stands in the doorway, watching me drive off. Next stop, home. Home sweet home. It seems like years since I've been there.


I walk in my apartment and head straight for the bedroom. Once there, I fall face first on my bed and lay there in silence. Thinking about exactly what happened in the past few days until my phone rings. I turn around laying on my back and pick up the phone.

"Hello?" I moan into the phone. I hate using the phone in my cell phone, no matter how ridiculous that sounds. I only text people.

"Hello," I hear a deep smooth British accent voice say and I look at the caller's ID. It's Liam. I quickly sit up and smile like an idiot, like he can see me through the phone.

"Wasabi?" I ask trying to sound amusing.

"Nothing much, but I wanted to know if you're doing alright since the attack at Dunkin' Donuts," he says.

"Yeah I'm fine. You people act like its a shark attack or something," I say and I hear him chuckle a little, I can imagine his warm smile through the phone.

"Yeah, they tend to really get under your skin sometimes. Oh and… we never planned our next date together, love," he says and I nod, but then realize he can't see me.

"Yeah, so when shall it be?" I ask trying to sound calm about when I'm really tingling at thought of it. Ew, I just said tingling and shall, but aloud.

"How about tomorrow at around 2, 2:30?"

"Oh su- wait no I can't, I have a date then," I sigh.

"A date? With who?"

"A fellow bandmate of your's," I say.

"Harry?" He asks and I put on an ew that's gross face, but again he can't see me.

"No Louis. Why would you think Harry?"

"Harry has a crush on you," he says through a cough, "But I didn't tell you, Lou did, but anyway 8 tomorrow night. I know this great drive-in movie theater downtown. Cool?" He talks fast trying to brush off the Harry topic.

"Sure but Harry has a cru-"

"Love, you're breaking up. I ca-" I sigh and hang up the phone, even though I know it's an act.

Seconds later, I get a text from Liam.

L- yeah Harry has a crush on you, he said he thinks your hot so he was gonna ask you out, but then he started to like Jo so he said he's focused on Jo now so nothing to worry about

A- thanks for telling me I guess

L- sorry but I had to say it over text, I'm bad at talking over the phone

A- yeah me too

L- see you tomorrow then love I'll pick you up at 8

A- see you then love

L- only I call people love

A- but now I do too

L- whatever see you tomorrow 😘✌️

I sigh and smile. I lay back on the bed and drift off to sleep, what a long weekend.

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