Insecure: The Living Games

Ashley Page is just one of the other million insecure teenage girls. When she goes to a One Direction concert with her best friend Jo, she's spotted in the crowd by Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. Who will she pick? There's only one way for her to pick, through The Living Games.


3. Something Stupid

Ashley's P.O.V


"Hey," I say to Liam jumping in to his car.

"Hello love," he says as I close the door behind me.

"So where are we going?" I ask, strapping on my seatbelt to show him that I'm safe or something because the 'love expert', or Jo, says that the first date is about making a first impression. For some reason, I believe her.

"The park," he says as he pulls out of the driveway.


"Here we are," he says hopping out of the car. He runs to the back of the car and opens up the trunk. He closes the trunk holding a picnic basket. A picnic at the park, it's such a simple first date, but it's perfect.

I'm just glad I wore the perfect outfit for the park: a white t-shirt, a black pair of skinny jeans, a white and black pair of converse, and I have a black leather jacket. Liam's outfit is perfect for the warm weather with a breeze as well. A simple sleeveless shirt, a jacket that he has slung over his shoulder, and some jeans. Nothing special really except his arms and a couple of nip-slips, but I try my best not to stare at him.

Liam leads the way towards the corner of the park. He lays a large red blanket on the floor under two trees. We both sit down and he gives me a sandwich.

"I'm not sure what you'd like on your sand which, so I just bought a bunch of condiments with," he said pulling out little containers of lettuce, tomato, pickles, and a bunch of other stuff, "Please, help yourself, love." He smiles and takes a bite out of his sand which, then takes a sip out of his drink.I put pickles, mayo, lettuce, and tomato on my sand which. All of them are my favorites.

"I'll remember that next time," he says before wiping off his mouth with a napkin.

"Next time?" I ask before taking a bite out of my fairly delicious sammich.

"Yeah, our next date," he says and I immediately start choking and try to grab a drink out of the basket. Liam quickly gets up and hands me one, but he doesn't go back to his designated side of the blanket, he sits right next to me as I de-choke myself with a bottle of flavored water.

First of all, next date? He wants to have another date with me? But I'm me. I'm not a model or anything, I'm just… Ashley. Liam Payne PLANS on having ANOTHER date with me. I don't know why but it just feels weird. My feelings right now are indescribable. Second of all, LIAM PAYNE WANTS to sit next to me. That means he wants to be closer to me which means he likes me. It was kind of obvious since this morning after he asked me out in the most nervous way possible which I find adorable that he's a world famous pop star but he's still nervous to ask a normal, average, everyday girl out to lunch.

"Well alright," I say with one last final cough.

"Are you alright, love?" he asks patting my back. When he calls me love and when he touches me I shiver, but when he does both at the same time, I'm practically doing the Harlem Shake. That was a little dramatic but all the feels going on right now are uncontrollable.

"Yeah I'm fine," I say after my feels had their fun.

Then he touches me again, on the knee, and BOOM! I hear the guy in the back of my head sing, "Do the Harlem Shake!" Okay that was a little dramatic as well, but the feels are having a party. He balances himself by holding on to my knee and then he reaches over to grab his sand which and bottle of flavored water. He continues eating his sammich like nothing happened while the last like 10 minutes was the story of my life (see what I did there?). We finish our sammiches in silence, mostly because I'm thinking and thinking and just a little more thinking as well. I don't think I made it clear enough, but Liam's actions caught me into very deep thought.

"I love this park," Liam says, looking at a family paying soccer.

"Why's that?" I ask, trying to keep up the conversation.

"It's empty. No fans, no paps. Just me to just sit down and think. To just really think."

"Think about what?"

"My life, future. I always dreamed of having a family. My own kids, my own wife. My own family to go the park with and play football or tag or just something stupid," he says glancing at me. I nod. It's nice to see Liam as himself, without cameras and interviewers and paps, he's an open book waiting for someone to take the time to read him. It's worth my time. It's worth anybody's time.

He stands up and stretches. He looks at me and smirks. He bends over slowly right in front of my face. He rests his forehead on mine and his nose brushes on my nose. Then he takes a deep breath, his warm breath tickling my lips sending shivers down my while body. And he whispers, "You're it." Then he runs away laughing like a little kid towards the little playground. How could he do that? Be millimeters away from my lips and then run away laughing. I guess that just Liam Payne, behind the cameras. I like this him better, but he almost kisses me and then runs off? Not in my house.

I instinctively jump up and chase him. And in seconds I close the lead that he had ahead of me. He jumps over a swing and my right foot catches the swing as I attempt to jump over it and I fall. Liam turns around and I see him laugh at me a little bit and then he stops. Liam in front of a camera wouldn't laugh at a girl who just fell face first over a swing, but behind the camera Liam would. That's just human to laugh at someone who fell. He's still a really nice guy so of course he comes over and helps me up, but if hurts a little causing me to wince.

"Let's get you to a doctor," he says sympathetically. He bends down to pick me up, but I stop him with a wince.

"Wait, Liam," I say and pull his head closer to mine. I take a deep breath and whisper, "You're it." Then I run away just like he did but I stop at the bottom of the slide. I turn around and he still stands their motionless staring at me.

"If you're ready come and get it," I sing tauntingly while smiling and he starts to chase me.

I run up the slide and wait for him to make it up and when he does, I jump off the side of the set and run to a bigger one with a roof on it. As I climb up the roof, he just makes it off of the last play set. I lay on the roof on my back and stare at the clouds.

"Alright, love you win," he sighs looking up at me. I smile superiorly.

"I know," I smirk confidently.

"A bit competitive aren't you?" he asks between breaths as he climbs up.

"A little," I say.

"A lot more than a little."

"Whatever," I sigh. He lays back and puts his left arm around me and uses his other to rest his head on. He pulls me a bit closer and the feels and shivers return, again.

"You're a real mystery, love," he says.

"I know, I'm a bit difficult," I agree.

"A good mystery, a mystery that you'd want to know. A mystery I want to know," he says and I smile.

"You like me, don't you?" I ask, the suspense killing me.

"How would you know?" he asks.

"When I tricked you into thinking I was hurt, I did the same thing you did. I made you get lost in my eyes just like you did to me, I made you worry about nothing but me, just like you did to me. When you did it to me, all I was thinking about was you and his much I liked you. We're you thinking about the same thing?"

"It's a mystery, that you'll have to solve," he whispers and I shrug my shoulders.

"Won't take long," I smirk.

"That was fun," he says.

"What was fun?" I asked, but then I realized it was kind of a stupid question, "We ju-" Liam begins to talk, cutting me off.

"It was fun to just go the park and play football or tag or-" he says but this I join in on his sentence knowing exactly what he's gonna say because it's the most difficult thing but so simple, so obvious.

"Just something stupid," we say.

And for the rest of my first date with Liam Payne, we do the most stupid thing possible: nothing.

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