Insecure: The Living Games

Ashley Page is just one of the other million insecure teenage girls. When she goes to a One Direction concert with her best friend Jo, she's spotted in the crowd by Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. Who will she pick? There's only one way for her to pick, through The Living Games.


8. I'm a Hoe ( Sexual Scene )

Ashley's P.O.V

Tuesday Morning

Here I am just browsing the aisles of the super market, before my date with Liam at 9 and my small shift at work. Shopping for the second time this week, thanks to Jo. I have to refill my fridge then put a lock on it so she can't eat everything, it's actually a pretty good idea now that I think about. I grab a box of cereal from the shelf and throw it in my shopping cart. Then I feel a tap on my shoulder, i turn around.

"Louis!" I say smiling, extending out my arms and we hug.

"Hey Ashley," he says, as we release the hug.

"Haven't talked to you since yesterday," I say.

"Yeah, I've been…busy," he says, scratching the back of his head and I just nod. What does he mean by busy? They're on break right now for a while before their tour and it was Christmas just a while ago. What could he possibly be busy with?

"So I was thinking you could come over later, if that's cool with you," he says.

"Umm…sure, but I have work at 12," I say looking at my watch, it's 10 o'clock, "I'll be over there in a hour or so." I'll need time to get dressed for work after I get back from Louis' place, I need to finish food shopping, too.

"You know where, right?" he asks.

"Yeah, I'll see you 10:30ish, maybe 11,"I say, he nods, waves goodbye and then walks off down the aisle then turns, a couple of people with cameras follow him, stop at the aisle I'm in, take a couple pictures of me while I try to act casual and ignore them, and then return to follow Louis, the main story.

I feel bad for him, being watched every move you make, then being criticized for every wrong move you make like you aren't an imperfect human like everyone else in the world. It must suck to live like that, I wouldn't even call it living. I return to my shopping, thinking if that's what my life would be like if I started to officially date a member of One Direction, but who would that member be? Louis, the thrilling roller coaster ride, or Liam, the person that helps me by myself making the roller coaster ride more fun, meaningful, and relaxing. The roller coaster being my life. I have a big decision to make, a really big decision.


Now I'm at Louis' house. Sitting on a high chair leaning on a high table with a cup of tea that Louis made me. We sip in our tea in silence, not including us humming Little Things in between sips of our tea. Louis breaks the relaxing silence.

"You're a fan, right? Yeah that would make sense you went to our concert," he says and I giggle before sipping more tea, he shakes a little, kinda like I do when the feels lick in, "Do you knows the song Better Than Words off of Midnight Menories."

"Well yeah," I say, "of course."

"Well, every time we touch I'm all shook up. You make me wanna…"he says in the rhythm the song, but not singing just talking, "I don't know how to sum it up, bit words ain't good enough. There's no way I can explain your love." He says then looks at me, waiting for a response, but I don't fully get it.

A confused look creeps onto my face even though half my face is behind my little cup, me holding it with both hands. He shivers again, then frustratingly hits the table, and then quickly walks around the table to my side. He places his mouth next to my ear and breathes. I shiver.

"I really, really like you, Ashley," he says softly into my ear, his warm breath lingering on my ear, "I can't explain your love, it's MUCH better than words." He pulls his mouth away from my ear.

I calmly place the tea cup down on the table, turn around, and, as expected, Louis' and my lips crash together like two cars in a crash, but less painful. And at this moment, I realize I'm a hoe. I've made out with two members of 1D in two days, that's the paps' story, the love triangle. But I'm just like them, criticizing Liam and Louiz' every move. I'm picking between Louis, the thrill ride, or Liam, the one and only guy that makes me feel like me. I have a big decision to make, a really big one before the paps take the story too far. I am a bad person, but there's something about me that Louis and Liam like about me, but what?

Louis licks my bottom lip, requesting entrance. Request granted. Our tongues battle for dominance as I duffle through his hair with my right hand. My other hands rubs his back, pushing him closer. His hands creep down my back, then dig under my butt. He picks me up and sits me on the table counter thing. He leaves his left hand on my butt but his right hand tugs on the bottom left corner of my shirt. I wrap my legs around him pulling him closer to me. He tugs on my shirt harder then he trails his lips down my right cheeks, then down my neck, and into my right shoulder blade, leaving kisses in his swift tracks. I rest my head on his right shoulder as he kisses, sucks, and licks mine, doing wonders. I lightly moan in his ear. He creeps his right hand up my shirt and slips one of his long fingers up my bra, tickling my nipple. I move his head back to my face and continue to kiss him. His other hand rubs against my butt. He slides his right hand over my shirt pulling it up to my neck. I put both my arms up and he slowly slides it over my head and thrown it in the kitchen floor behind him. He examines my body and then pushes his head into my stomach licking my belly bottom.

"Mmhmm," I manage to slip out my mouth and I feel him smile.

He moves his head lower and kisses the tip of my jeans. He grabs the tea cup and pushes me laying on my back on the counter. He pours the tea into my belly bottom leaving a puddle. He licks it out sending tingles around my whole body. It was a weird way to do it but it's such a turn on. He pulls me back upright and he continues to suck and kiss on my shoulder as he digs his right hand under my butt. He picks me up with my legs wrapped around his waist. He walks down a corridor and opens a door to a bedroom with a huge bed. He lays me horizontally over the cherry scented bed. He puts his right knee between mine and the other grazes the side of me. He stays high on his knee over me. He takes off his shirt and carelessly throws it on the floor. He unbuttons and unzips my pants and pulls them down below my knees. Then the bulge in his pants grows bigger than I thought was possible. This moment I realize I am a hoe. It's all I can think about, I'm a hoe. He sees me looking at it and smirks.

"This is all for you, babe," he winks, rubbing it with his right hand.

He puts his left hand next to my head than his lowers. He kisses the tip of my panties and lightly tugs at them with two fingers. He moves his head back up slowly leaving kisses in his tracks. As he moves up his bulge tickles my body, he looks at me like I'm his prey. Like he's a snake. His head moves past my face to my right ear. His breath warm, and it still smells like tea. Shivers. I'm such a hoe.

"I'm guessing this is hour first time," he whispers.

"Yeah, but I don't think we should. I don't think it's the right time," I whisper shakily.

"Oh, so you wanna play that game?" I can feel him smirk.

"Louis I'm being ser-" he cuts me off.

"Don't worry, babe. I'll be gentle. I'm not gonna lie, but it'll hurt at first. I'll loosen you up a little first,," he says, then takes a quick nibble of my ear.

He stands back, upright on his knees again, tall. He pulls down my underwear and his bulge grows even bigger this time. If that's even possible. I am kinda scared, all of Louiwilly, I'll call it, is gonna hurt, badly. Why can't he have a teeny weenie? He licks his middle and pointer finger and then he slides it up and down my clit, smirking.

"Louis please do-" I say then he jams his fingers into me.

My back immediately arches. I'm a hoe. A total hoe. It's such a painful feeling, but I can feel the tiny pieces of sensation creep into me. He curls his fingers in me staring at my face. It's such an awkward look, but he doesn't feel it. I can tell by the look on his face. He smirks at my expression. I'm speechless, gasping for breath. How do I tell him to stop, even though deep inside I want him to continue? He takes his fingers out of me. I gasp and catch my breath a little as he stares into my eyes, like I'm looking into a snakes eyes and I'm just a little fragile mouse that he's ready to eat me up like I'm a snack or something.

"Louis seriously, I don't think we should," I manage to say, shakily.

"You're just scared aren't you? It's okay, Ash, I promise," he says sympathetically, the snake eyes soften. That calms me down.

"I don't think it's the right time," I say, I glance at his bulge. A tempting offer, but I can't. I know that's it's not right, not yet. He nods, but the she's of his lips move down. I sigh, "it'll happen one day, Lou. It's just too early."

"I get it. I'm sorry," he stays in the same position on his knees tall, but now he's slouching, "would you consider it rape, cause I kinda feel like a perve," he says an the end of his lips curl up again. I sit up and his bulge is right in my face, my eyes go wide. He laughs and sits on the bed next to me.

"I wouldn't consider it rape, I liked it," I say then pause, "that was an awkward sentence, but I couldn't stop calling myself a hoe in the back of my mind. It's just too early. One day, Louis, one day." He laughs, good I don't feel bad.

"Is it because of Liam?" he asks me and I'm shocked. He gets that it's kind of a competition.

"It's actually because of me. I just don't know who to pick, you're both awesome, that's the problem," I say.

"We're just stressing you out," he laughs and I smile. I look at the digital clock on the bedside table. 11:18.

"I gotta go, work at noon. We should hang out tomorrow, text me," I say. I get up and walk to the front door with the coat rack. I grab my coat, put on my shoes and give Louis a peck on the lips goodbye as he laughs.

"What?" I ask him.

"You forgetting something?" he asks. I dig in my coat pockets. I feel my wallet and keys.

"No, I've got everything," I say.

"You're shirt," he laughs. I look down to see my bra. I laugh, "give it." He gives me my shirt from behing his back, laughing. I take off my coat, put it on, then leave.

"Don't forget to text me," I remind him he takes my arm.

"How could I forget?" He asks, with a light smile, "and one more thing, sorry times a billion."

"Louis, it's okay," I say, sympathetically, "you better text me." I give him a 2 second kiss on the lips, then leave. I jump in the car and drive off, taking one good look at Louis.

Who should I pick?


Tuesday Afternoon

Work, but the weird part is, I actually have to work. Remember when I said I only cook the the food and not drinks? Yeah, well, a lot of food orders are coming in today which doesn't make much sense. James is getting a lot of drink orders as well, more than usual actually. I'm almost at the end of my shift, so it's almost over. Then I go home and get ready for my date with Liam. Shift ends at 7 then I have 8 to get dressed, then leave at 9. (Haha 7,8,9. I need a life.) The clock moves so slow as I glance at it every time I finish an order. James, my ex, seems to be glancing at me, then quickly looks away when I see him. He looks at me sympathetically. Then it almost kinda pops out of my mouth:

"You good?" I ask, quickly walking walking around the kitchen from stove to cabinet to drawer to sink.

"Yeah," he says his voice cracks, then he starts tapping, staring at the blending.

"You're lying," I say calmly, "you always start tapping when you lie." Silence, then we both finish our orders and put it on the shelf so Cody, the cashier, could serve it. Cody and James are like Squidward and I'm Spongebob, at least we used to be all Spongebobs, but our bond kinda broke when James and I broke up. I wish we could be that old cooking trio again, work used to be so much more fun than it is now. James and I stand at the counter, looking at Cody waiting for the next order.

"I miss us," James says blankly, refusing to look at me.

"I miss the sweet, caring, kind, funny, cool James," I say.

"Me too," Cody says, then hand us out orders. I give Janes a good, long look and I see him smile. I see his real smile, a light small one, though.

"Think about it," I ell him, then we deprecate back to our normal kitchens.

"I miss our trio," Cody blurts.

"Same," I respond. Cody and I look at James, he sees us staring at him, so he smiles and nods.

"Me too," he says, then continues blending a drink. Cody and I look at each other and we both grow a huge smile.

Suddenly, I like my job. The trios growing back.

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