Insecure: The Living Games

Ashley Page is just one of the other million insecure teenage girls. When she goes to a One Direction concert with her best friend Jo, she's spotted in the crowd by Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. Who will she pick? There's only one way for her to pick, through The Living Games.


1. Concert

Ashley's P.O.V

Friday Night

"Oh my god! I'm so excited!" my best friend, Jo yelled. She's been fan girling for the whole ride now.

"Don't make me doubt buying you these tickets, Jo. We haven't even entered the stadium yet and I already have a headache," I said.

"You have to be the bestest friend ever, Ashley!"

'You're only saying that because I bought you tickets to your favorite band."

"Well that and because you're so amazayn and..."

There's no stopping her now.When Jo starts talking about One Direction there's no stopping her. I LIKE One Direction, but she LOVES them. She is purely obsessed with  them in every sort of way, but I'm just a fan.

I'm Ashley Page by the way. I'm 19 years old and I have long black hair that reaches a few inches below my shoulders. I have brown eyes and one dimple on my right cheek. I have pimples that I hate with all my heart and I'm a black girl. In other words, I'm ugly and I can admit that. It's best to admit it so people won't make fun of you about it. Jo is 18 years old and she has brown hair that's about the same length as mine. She has really pretty hazel eyes and I don't like her because she eats all the time and is the skinniest person I'll ever know. She is really pretty, but she's really cool to hangout with and we've been friends since 1st grade because our mom's are friends and we eventually were introduced to each other by our parents. For our friendaversary, I got us tickets to see One Direction in concert and we're on our way right now.

"We're here," I said, parking the car. Jo jumped out of the car before it even stopped and ran towards the stadium which is pointless because I have the tickets. I could hear her yelling already. 

"Hurry up Ashley!" she yelled.

I continued to walk. We are an hour early, there's no point in running right now. There's only going to be a bunch of 13 year old girls crying and screaming for no good reason. I finally make it to the entrance to see Jo crying.

"What are you crying about?" I asked her.

"Look at this poster! They look so beautiful!"she said between tears. It was a life size poster of them just standing there.

"If you're crying about a poster I can't wait to see what you do when you see the seats I got," I said dragging her towards the line.

"Can you just tell me where we're sitting already?"

"I can't do that. I'd much rather wait to see your face when you see the seats I got."

"That's not funny. No one is laughing right now, "she said, wiping away tears.

"But it is to me,"I joked.

It only took about 10 minutes to get to the front.

"Hey Jake,"I said to the ticket guy.

"Ashley, hey! I hope you like the seats I got for you." 

"Thanks for the discount,too. This is Jo, my over-obsessed best friend." Jo and Jake shook hands.

"Later Jake,"I said before giving him a quick hug and heading toward our seats.

Before going to our seats, Jo stopped to get some One Direction stuff even though she was wearing a One Direction hat, bracelets, shoes,and shirt. She bought a cup with their faces on it,a bag, and a flag. Sometimes I feel that being a Directioner is like a religion or something.

When we finally got in the stadium, there were thousands of people yelling before they even got on stage. I respect them on a whole new level. I would never find the guts to sing in front of this many people. 

"What row are we in?!" Jo yelled over the fans.

"Just follow me!"I yelled back, and I thought Ho was loud.

I started walking and Jo was walking close behind me. I could feel her getting more and more excited the closer we got to the stage. When I finally made it the seats that were in row 3. I could hear her yelling over everyone else. I turned around to see her crying. She wasn't even crying this much at her great grandmother's funeral. I laughed at her reaction.  I walked into the row and stopped at our seats that were in the middle. Jo has officially lost it. Before I could sit down she hugged me and I almost fell on the guy next to me. He was a father just watching his daughter crying,screaming,and jumping. There were only a few people sitting. I joined them. The concert doesn't start for another 15 minutes. Jo remained standing to take a few pictures for Instagram and Facebook. The father next to me looked miserable.

"Hi,"I said loud enough for him to hear and I extended my hand to shake his.

"Hello,'he said smiling and shaking my hand. 

"I'm Ashley."

"My name's Staniel."

"I know how you feel about coming here."

"Yeah, these people are crazy.A couple girls passed out already. I took my daughter here for her birthday."

"I took my best friend here for our friendaversary."

"That was really nice of you.Did she get you anything?"

"I don't expect anything back and I honestly don't want anything back. The look on her face is gift enough."

"You're a good kid,"he said nodding before I shrugged my shoulders,"Well I hope you enjoy it's about to start in a few seconds."

"Thank you.Same to you and your daughter."

I think that brightened his mood up a bit. If I was a grown man at a boy band concert, I'd be miserable.

"You are officially the best friend ever."Jo said.

"Don't be creepy."

"I'm serious."

"I try, Jo, I try."

"Make some noise!!!!"a random voice yelled. Probably an introduction.An unrealistic boom of noise shuddered my ears. Jo jumped to her feet and started yelling at the top of her lungs. She is the loudest person I've ever met.

"Get on your feet for...ONE DIRECTIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!" The crowd joined in on that last part and it was far from quiet. I decided to stand up along with everyone else except the father next to me. 

The boys walked out from behind a screen which caused a burst of screams as music started to play.

"How's everybody doing tonight?!" Liam yelled, smiling at the crowd's reaction.

"If you guys don't mind we're gonna start off with the Best Song Ever! Is that cool?!"Louis yelled.

"Wooo!!!!Maybe it's the way she walked..."Harry began.

They all went to different parts of the stage and during the second chorus they were doing the same dance they did in the video. They did really weird things to each other during the whole song. It's about to be Louis' solo,so walked right in front of me  which was in the middle and in the front of the stage. He was looking at everyone but he stopped around me and I thought he was looking at Jo and I smiled. I looked at Jo to see her looking at me. Is he looking at me? I looked around.

He pressed his index finger against his lips and pointed at me and began singing,"You know,I know,you know I'll remember you and I know,you know,I know you'll remember me."

He looked straight into my eyes. All the other fans were looking at me with envy.

"Louis Tomlinson is checking  you out right now, Ashley,"Jo said.

"He can't be.He's probably looking at you."

"I wish he was,but he's looking at you."

While Harry introduced the next song, Louis was talking to security and then he started to talk to Louis. Liam started to look around,but Louis pointed at me again. Louis and Liam are my two favorite.

"They're talking about you, Ashley."

"No they're not. If Louis Tomlinson could spot any girl in the audience, his last choice would be me and it's like....Where's Waldo. Out of all the people, it's almost impossible to spot me. He's the searcher and I'm Waldo, it's practically impossible to spot me. Right?"

"Whatever.."she said rolling her eyes, smiling.

They began to sing Little Things and during Liam's solo, he was looking at me.

"You got another lover,"Jo said.

"Shut up,"I said before she laughed.

And during Harry's solo he looks in my direction, also, but not directly at me. He's looking at Jo.

"Love letter for a Miss.,soon to be Mrs. Ashley."

"Oh no,Jo,you got it all wrong. This one's actually for you,"I said proudly.

She looked back at Harry to realize that he is looking at her. She blushed and looked at  me.

"It's so hard to keep my cool right now. Oh my god,"she said, smiling.

During Louis' solo he was looking at me.

"Don't say anything,"I told Jo,but she was too focused on Harry who was smiling and winking at her. 

During Niall's solo, he was looking at Jo. 

"Oh my god. Best day ever.Everyone in One Direction but Zayn likes one of us,"Jo said.

While Zayn introduced the next song, Liam,Harry,and Niall talked to security.Which was obviously about us. Louis and Zayn were just talking about random stuff with the crowd and reading posters. The fans around us looked like they wanted to kill us. 

The rest of the concert felt so awkward because almost every song I was getting stared at and I didn't really like it. Jo,on the other hand, was thrilled about the fact that she was in a way getting attention from One Direction. I think it's cool that Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne from One Direction is taking interest in me, but I'm not their type. I'm more about personality than looks.

They sang Rock Me, Story of My Life, What Makes You Beautiful., and ended with Midnight Memories. It was a great concert besides the staring and stuff. Especially during Rock Me. Louis was staring dead into my eyes doing that hip thrusts dance they always do and I think it was a joke but he had the straightest face on. So, does Louis want to rock me or was it just a joke? But overall, they sound great live and the seats just made it better.

"Did you like it?"I asked Jo,on our way to the parking lot.

"No, I didn't like it,"she said staring at the ground.

"Really?Why?"I asked her.

"I didn't like it do I say this?Because..I loved it!"she said before smiling.

"You're so corny.Aw man!"

"What happened?"

"Where did we park?"I asked looking around the parking lot.

"It was under one of the light things because when I jumped out of the car,I almost ran into the pole and it's around the life size poster because I ran straight towards it when I got out the car,"Jo thought.

"So it should be over there,"I said,pointing to the right side of the parking lot. Before I began walking, I felt a tap on my shoulder.I turned around to see an unrealistically large man. 

"You're quite...large,"Jo said before I hit her. 

"Can I help you?"I asked the man.

"Just follow me please,"he said politely, smiling.

He began walking and I followed him. His shirt said security, so he's not a kidnapper rapist or anything.

As we passed Jake, I mouthed the words,"What's this about?" He mouthed back,"I don't know,"while he shrugged his shoulders. I widened my eyes and walked through the door behind the large man. I turned around to see Jo skipping behind me without a care in the world. I rolled my eyes and looked in front of me. The man turned into a door that said Backstage. This is getting weird now. 

"Why are you taking us backstage?"

"The boys requested us to lead you girls to their dressing room after the concert. And I'm sorry to tell you that I have no clue why they told me to,' he explained politely.

"You're nicer than you look,"I told him.

'Tell that to my wife," he laughed,"Here we are." We stood in front of a door that said One Direction's changing room.

"Don't hurt them or I'll have to do my job and hurt you.It's as simple as that and trust me when I say that I don't want to hurt you,"he said before opening the door. I quickly closed it back then turned around.

"Jo.Do.Not.Fan.Girl. Please. All it's gonna do is make them hate you more. OK?" I told her.

"Thanks. I was totally about to fan girl and tackle them,"She said,calming down.

"If you fan girl,I will slap you and this man said that if you hurt them he will hurt you. Don't.Be.Creepy,"I said slowly.

"I'm not retarded. I got this,"she said.

"The best thing to do is acct like you don't want to be here. Guys like the hard to get thing."

"Got it,"she said, stretching her neck. We both laughed. 

"OK. We're ready,"I said to the man.

"You girls are weird, but strangely entertaining,"he said before opening the door.

The boys were doing everything but dressing which was the purpose of the room. It was a pretty large room. They were all jumping up and down on a couch, squished together, singing the Whitney Huston song, I Will Always Love You. Louis fell on Zayn laughing.

"Louis!"Zayn yelled angrily.Zayn tackled Louis on the couch then started to tickle him. Louis started laughing uncontrollably and kicking.

"Zayn stop!"Louis yelled in between laughs.Niall and Liam joined Zayn in tickling Louis to the death.

"Meet One Direction,"the security guard laughed.

Harry finally saw us and smiled.

"Fellas!"he yelled."Come on fellas!"

Harry's voice was no match for Louis' laugh. Harry walked over to us and shook our hands.

"Hello ladies. I'm sorry, but we're uuhhh..."

"Weird,"Jo said smiling.

"Yeah that's it,"Harry said before smiling. His accent and smile is so adorable."Would you excuse me for a second?"

"Sure,"Jo and I said.

Harry pulled up his pants and ran over to the couch. He jumped on all of them.

"Come on fellas!The girls are here!"Harry yelled.

They all turned around and looked at us. They all smiled in perfect unison. They struggled to get off the couch. It took a couple seconds and a lot of yelling, but it all worked out, the Whitney Huston song still playing. I continued to stand in the doorway next to Jo. I looked at her and she shrugged her shoulders, I looked back at the lads and joined Whitney.

"And Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii," I began and the boys joined in and I have to admit, being a complete idiot singing terribly while jumping on a couch with One Direction is kind of fun.

Jo is still standing in the doorway looking at us like we're crazy, when I stop singing, the boys seem to turn their attention to Jo still standing in the doorway and they all stop singing during the pause in the song before the chorus starts again. We look at her and extend our arms out towards her. She starts smiling, but tries to hold it back.

"I refuse," she says folding her arms, but her cheeks begin to turn red. I know Jo better than her dad in the army does, she's about to give in and I know it. I smirk and she knows that I know. The chorus should begin any second now. She sighs and rolls her eyes as the boys and I do jazz hands in her direction. She smiles even harder and takes a deep breath.

"And Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii," she starts, we join in and laugh as the security guard leaves shaking his head.

I guess I do love One Direction. Remember when I said I'm more focused on personality than looks and that Liam and Louis aren't my type? Yeah, I never said that and that never happened.


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