Best Song Ever

Georgia Rose as lived in the some old town for ages. It's a town where everyone knows everyone and nothing happens. But at one party Georgia meets this boy that she had never seen before, he was a mistery. After the party the boy is gone and Georgia goes out on a quest to find her mistery crush...





He was gone.

The darkness of the night had consumed him, all I was left with was a promise, a promise that we would see each other again.

I didn't have more time too think of that before I was jumped on by Katy.

- Who was that!? she screamed with joy.

I looked out in the darkness again, before I whispered:

- That was the one.

The rest of the party I got million questions about Harry, and I answered every question with "I don't know" because I didn't know anything about him, all I knew were that he was a good dancer, his name was Harry and he had the most beautiful smile ever, and that was what I told Katy.

- But how can he be "the one" if you know so little about him? Katy said confused.

-I just feel it, in here, I said and put my hand on my heart.

- Oh stop it, you're starting to sound like my Mum's cheesy love movies

I laughed at her and she started laughing.

After that we decided to go home and get some sleep. But I couldn't sleep, I only got one thing in my mind, and it was that tomorrow I would find Harry (AKA Mystery Boy), because in this small town that wouldn't be so though, right?


 I had got up early, so I could start right away. But first I had to answer all of my Mum's question about the party. I didn't say anything about Mystery Boy, because that would just make her ask more questions.

I started the search by asking some neighbors if they heard if someone new had moved to town, but they said that they hadn't. Then I called the school office if any new student was going to start, but I got a no there to. I texted all my friends if they knew anyone named Harry that was new in town, but yet again I got a no.

But after searching and talking too people over all of the town, no one knew who this Harry was. So I decided to try one last thing before i quit, I called Larry who had thrown the party.

- What up, this is Larry

- Hi Larry, this is Georgia Rose from you're Science class, I was at your party last night

- Oh hi, the party was awesome wasn't it? he said happily

- Yeah, best party of the year, I said and thought back on the memories of what had happened on the party.

- So, what can I do for ya?

- Well... did you invite someone called Harry to your party?

- Yeah, I did

- You did! I shouted and started to get hope again.

- It was Harry Bolder, you know the one that dropped out of high school.

I lost hope again, I knew who Harry Bolder, and he was like ten years older than med and with a beard down to his shoulders, so that couldn't be Mystery Boy.

- Was I to any help? Larry said 

- Not really, I sighed, But thanks anyway.

- Anytime, Bye!

- Bye!

I hang up the phone, and felt a tear streaming down my chick, maybe Harry  forever will be just a mystery. But then I realized what I have to do, even to it might be dangerous...


§What will Georgia do, find out in next chapter of: Best Song Ever§ 

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