Best Song Ever

Georgia Rose as lived in the some old town for ages. It's a town where everyone knows everyone and nothing happens. But at one party Georgia meets this boy that she had never seen before, he was a mistery. After the party the boy is gone and Georgia goes out on a quest to find her mistery crush...


3. THE PARTY part 1



I had build up my expectations too much, the party was just like all the other boring parties I had been to. Nobody danced and it played lame music from at least three years ago, and the lighting sucked, you could barely see your hands in the darkness.
- Can't we go, this party is lame, I said to Katy who was standing right beside me in her gorgeous lavender dress.
- No we can't! The night is still young, who knows what could happen, she said and smiled.
I laughed at Katy's optimism.
- Okay we can stay, but if nothing exciting happens in fifteen minutes, we are out of here.
- Deal! Katy said and smiled at me.

But after ten minutes nothing had still happened and the party was still lame, and I said to Katy that i wanted to go home.
- There is still five minutes left, she said and stuck her tongue out as she winked playfully at me.
I sighed, what could ever happen in five minutes?
But then the lame music stopped and a good song came on, I had never heard it before but the beat was amazing. The people at the party started to dance to the good song and I felt an urge to dance too. 
- Do you know what song this is?
I turned around to see who said that, but it was very dark so I only saw a contour of a handsome boy.
- No, do you? I said and smiled.
- No, but it's really awesome.
- Yeah it makes you wanna dance, I said and giggled.
- Than maybe we can dance together to it? he said and reached out his hand.
Who is this guy? I have never seen him before, but he is so charming, one dance can't hurt right?
- With pleasure, I laughed and went out on the dance floor with the mystery boy.


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