Best Song Ever

Georgia Rose as lived in the some old town for ages. It's a town where everyone knows everyone and nothing happens. But at one party Georgia meets this boy that she had never seen before, he was a mistery. After the party the boy is gone and Georgia goes out on a quest to find her mistery crush...


6. The Dangerous Realization

§I know I said I had to sleep, but here is a update just for you guys :) (sorry that it's short)§





- There must be something somewhere, I said sadly and looked around the room.

It was Monday and me and Katy had gone to Larry's place to see if we could find something that could lead me on the trail to find Mystery Boy. We had searched for at least 30 minutes, and all we had found were stinky shoes someone had left behind and a broke iPod.

We decided to call it a quit, so we started go out the door, when Larry suddenly shouted.

- Look what I found in the bathroom.

Larry showed them a brown Prada wallet.

- Give me that, I said happily and took it from Larry's hands.

On the wallet golden letters formed the name Harry, it was his! I opened it and their I saw just what I had been looking for. It wasn't a ID, even though that had been good too.

- What is it? Katy asked, curious about what I had found in the wallet.

- It's a recite for buying a flying ticket to USA, Brooklyn, I said an smiled at her.

- How is that going to help you? Larry asked confused.

- Don't you get it? I came her to find out were he is, and with this recite, I finally know.

- And what are you going to do with that information? It's not like you're going all the way from here in England to the United States of America, Katy said and she and Larry laughed.

I laughed with them, but what they didn't know was that the dangerous realization I had had before, was just what Katy said.

I was going after him, even though that meant going all way to the States!

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