The Hidden

Darren is fourteen. He has stumbled into a world of constant danger and darkness. But in the terrible darkness, lost hope and shredded dreams, could he find the light to guide him on his way?
Enter into a world of danger, monsters and just enough romance to keep your heart beating faster throughout.
Enjoy :)


1. 1. Being different

Darren knew he was...different.

He had known, since the young age of two, that he was special.  He had something that no one else had.  He could...see things.  Like, he would be walking in the road, when suddenly, his vision would go crazy, all swirling bright lights and energy balls.  He'd close his eyes, and in the darkness that followed, he'd see a vision.  Once, he'd seen his mother in a car crash, with police tape everywhere.  He had run all the way home.  He found his dad lying on the floor, tears streaming down his eyes. 

His mom was gone.

It was then he realised how dreadful, yet how amazing, these visions were.  He waited for them, dread mixing with anticipation, until his vision would start blurring.  He learned many things, prevented some, but not all.  Like that one time, when he'd seen Christopher from across the road trying to jump and end it all.  Suicide.  He'd made it in time to stop him.  He had managed to calm him, had made him talk.  It had turned out that Chris was bullied.  They'd been best friends since...perhaps more than that.  

However, he'd not prevented his mom’s death.  That weighed heavily on his conscience.  He'd wake up, screaming, at night, his dad next to him, comforting.  Dad.  He'd always been there for him, unknowing of the gift, the curse, which his son had.  He believed that all the nightmares came from the funeral, the news, the scene of the car crash, to which his son had begged him to visit.  Jonathan had allowed his son, but had regretted it himself.  He could not get the vision of Diane's mangled body out of his mind.  He'd spend hours alone, tears running down his cheeks, when he thought Darren wasn't looking.

He had loved Diane.  They’d been married twenty years, and never once had they fought for more than five minutes.  They'd raised Darren with love.   But Diane had a secret.  He knew that, but because he loved her, he never bugged her about it.  He'd trusted her.

Until now.

It all started when Darren was in the garden, on his favourite chair, sipping some orange juice.  He was waiting for Chris.  Movie night.  He was looking forward to it.  Chris had changed him, made him more carefree, more...happy.  He worried less, had less frequent nightmares.  But that day was to be different.  Very. Different.  With a capital 'v'.

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