they locked me up

Blurb: Anna is like any other 17 year old. Except she is in a mental instatute and has to go to counciling. She has no mental problems. She was blamed by a girl who was a stalker trying to kill her named Allie denmark. She told everyone that Anna was the mental one and that she tried to kill her. Now Anna is facing a 10 year scentence with 3 hour counciling a week. There she meets councilor 19 year old Jenny who may realise the truth. Will she though?


2. Prologue part 2- all will be reaveled

Anna’s pov:

Her black coat shines like the dark sky as she comes up to me. She has a special voice projector so no one who she is.

“Oh Anna. You thought you could get away from me. Silly you. You know you can’t. I am near you. You just don’t know it,” said the stalker.

“Just tell me who you are. Then get out my life for good. I mean it this time,” I said.

“I am never going away. I live in this town. It is my town. I won’t leave you alone. You will never unmask me. My mask is my identity,” said the stalker.

She turns around and I grab some scissors out of her pocket. I cut the string on her mask and it falls of her face. She turns around and I see who it is… Allie Denmark, my best friend.

“Annie. Why are you stalking me? We are supposed to be best friends,” I asked.

“One word… Drake. I wanted to date him and he chose you. I wanted to punish the both of you. So I bought a phone sending you threatening text messages. I also stole drake’s phone yesterday so the text to meet him was fake,” said Annie.

“Look stop now. I have the police on my phone and you will go to a mental hospital or prison,” I said.

Scared I turned around. She walked round in a circle. Her evil eyes stare down at me. I want to run back but I can’t.

“Look, Anna. I want you out of my life so I can get drake. With you gone he will fall back in my arms.” Said Allie.

“You didn’t date him. You didn’t even go on a date with him. You glued him to a chair and made him talk to you and eat. I call that kidnapping a guy and making him eat things and talk to you while he tries to call the police. That doesn’t sound like a date,” I said.

“Hey, how do you know that? I mean I did no such thing,” said Allie in a high lying voice.

“Look I know it is true. He told me out it and showed me the video of you tying him with rope and putting him in the back of the car. Then he had pictures of you at the restraunt tied and glued to a chair,” I said.

She came closer with an angry look in her eyes and she pushed me down the hill. I managed to hold on and then she fell down the hill inguring her leg.

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