Ice Glass Beads

Marilyn Opal. Even the name sounds beautiful. The mystery woman, they call her. But they don't know what goes on behind locked doors and fences, where secrets and betrayal are thick underfoot, and broken hearts and minds are many upon the battlefield of millions.
(this is definitely more adult than things I've done in the past, so I'd really like opinions on it)


2. Marilyn Opal

Marilyn Opal.

The ice woman.

The woman cloaked in mystery.

The lady of lies.

She has many names.

The actress. The Hollywood actress. Starring in every massive film. Adored by critics up and down the land.

But never once has she been seen outside of the blockbusters that she stars in. Not once after leaving a film set, not at the premiers, not out buying groceries. 


The media love her, and the media hate her. They sing her praises all day long, admiring her ability to stay hidden, and wondering why she does so. They condemn her for her mystery, frustrated by their inability to stalk her every move, and use any excuse to publish a malicious article.

One thing is certain though.

Everybody wonders about her.

Why she hides behind a concrete mask.

How she escapes so successfully from the outside world.

What she does when she is not filming.

Where she goes from the film sets.


About who this woman shrouded in shadows could be.

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