Chaos {One Direction} +16

This is my story. The story about i got the middle name 'Chaos', how i met five amazing boys, who turned my life upside down, and the story about how i went from being happy, to being depressed and then got dragged all the way from being down in the dumps and all the way to being in the seventh heaven.


1. Welcome


Welcome to the Chaos.


”Olivia!” a voice yells and I quickly turn around, with a big fake smile plastered in my face. It fades away quickly, though. The voice belongs to the person I have the least desire to talk to right now, even just be in the same room as; my ex-best friend, Lisa.
I send her a look, that – if looks could kill – would have made fall right down to the hard, dirty, that covers the hallway, and turn my back to her. I walk away as quick as possible and turn around the corner, throwing her one last look. By now I should have learned that I just cannot walk and look the other the way, all at the same time. Well, at least not without causing some kind of chaos.

And since chaos is my middle name, that is exactly what I do. I bump right into a person, loses my books and papers, which causes them to fly all around the hallway within second. As I try to get my balance back, and avoid any more humiliation and attention, I stumble backwards, waving my arms around in the air, and bump right in to another person, who falls right to their bum and grumbles something at me, which sounds very mean.

“Clyde!” I hear Lisas voice yell, and a few seconds later my ex-best friends flies past me and squats down beside Clyde, my former boyfriend and Lisa’s current boyfriend, which is also why that bitch is no longer carrying the title as my best friend.

Ok, so maybe all this is a little confusing, but that is why I am writing this. I’m here to tell you my story. My story may sound and look simple – met a boy, got heart broken, lost friends and moved on – but that is far from the case. I didn’t meet a normal guy, I didn’t just got heart broken, no I got broken, as on totally can-not-be-put-together broken – almost like when you lose the last piece of puzzle, and can’t put together the entire puzzle – and I didn’t move on. I still haven’t moved on. I’m still broken even though this happened many years ago, and I’m married now and have kids, my past never will let go of the tight grab it has around my life. It controls me.


So, this is my story, with out any lies and twisting in the history. It's just me, you and the pure truth. Welcome. 



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