Chaos {One Direction} +16

This is my story. The story about i got the middle name 'Chaos', how i met five amazing boys, who turned my life upside down, and the story about how i went from being happy, to being depressed and then got dragged all the way from being down in the dumps and all the way to being in the seventh heaven.


3. Chapter two

All great chances are preceded by chaos.

- Deepak Chopra


I screwed it all up. I knew that. I knew saying to Clyde that I invited Sam, would be the mistake of my life. But I did also know – deep, deep inside me – that it was me who wanted to know Sam better. And when I was standing in my room, getting ready for the party, that night, that feels so long time ago, I knew that the party I was going to, would become a party never to be forgot. I knew it all. I saw all the signs. But I ignored them, and I created the chaos that I am now in. This is how;

“Lisa, is this dress too daring for a party?” I ask, as I twirl around myself, showing myself of to Lisa, my best friend.

“Yes.” Lisa says and sends me an irritated look. “I don’t get why you have to dress this provocatively?”

“Because I want Clyde to get turned on.” I lie and look at myself in the mirror. I’m quite impressed with my look. My hair is naturally curled, so all I have to do is make it look big. I have long lashes, so a bit of mascara and eyeliner makes my eyes look huge and beautiful, my lips are bright red, making them look seductive and sexy. When I was in the shower earlier, I shaved myself everywhere, to be ready for tonight. The dress is black, and the back goes all the way down to my waist, showing of a lot of tanned skin.

“That guy gets turned on, just by you being in the same room.” She says. I know she knows that it’s not the real reason.

“Yeah, about that. I might have pissed him off a bit.” I say and put on my silver necklace with a little diamond on, completing the look. I got the necklace from my grandmother. She died a month after, and I wear to remember and to honour her. Plus it’s so pretty; I just can’t help wearing it all the time.

“What did you do this time?” she says through the dark blue fabric that makes the dress, she struggles to get on. “A little help?” she asks, and makes some weird move with her body, making her get even more tangled in the dress. I quickly jump to save her, and untangle her from the dress. Her before so perfect hair is now totally messed up. To be honest she reminds me of someone who had just had a crazy night, full of hot, rough sex. I giggle and she sends me an “irritated” look.
“Wow. You look like someone who just had a serious bunch of sex lessons. It’s pretty, but a little to slutty for a party, darling.” I say, with my most grown up and stern voice that I can produce at the time. But it’s hard, as I’m already struggling with not lying on the floor and cracking up.  

“You really shouldn’t be the one talking there, miss.” Lisa snaps at me. “And don’t you dare changing the subject!” she adds and looks at me in a strict way. I sigh and drop down on the bed. Not long after Lisa sits down beside me and waits for me to tell.

I sigh, but when she sends me another look, I start to tell, “Well. You see, I met this guy, Sam, at school. Actually I bumped into him, but anyway... He has just moved here and we started talking. It turned out we had the same class, so we walked together and after that I showed him down to the cafeteria. And let me tell you, that guy is so hot! He reminds me of a Greek god, a Greek sex god! I’m telling you, girl, damn!” I say in a rush, not knowing where to start. Lisa just looks at me, waiting for me to continue. She would be a great therapist. “And then we met Clyde, who - of course – got jealous. And, well, I had promised him that we would skip the party, and you know.. Do the thing..” “You are going to sleep with Clyde?! Omg, that’s so exciting. I want you to tell me everything – EVERYTHING – afterwards!”

“Yes, yes, I will do that. Now listen.” I say and hiss at Lisa, who is way too excited about my upcoming night with Clyde. It’s probably because she doesn’t have a boyfriend herself. “And I even though I told Clyde we could skip the party, I kind of promised Sam that I would take him to the party and introduce him to people.” “No freaking way! Liv, that’s so stupi-““Lisa! Shut up and let me tell the story, will you?” I stop her from ruining the entire story, and she shuts her mouth quickly.

“When I told Clyde, he wasn’t happy.” I say.

“Really? Olivia, you really need to think about the consequences before you promise things. It will end bad.” Lisa says and I just nod. I don’t want to tell her the last thing, but I know I have to, or she will kill me if she finds out later.

“It’s not the worst.” I whisper, and her eyes instantly gets big – saying you got to be kidding me!. “I didn’t promise Sam I would take him to the party. I just made it up, so I could be more together with it. And he played along with it.” I look down, full of shame. What did I do? I love Clyde! Clyde is my boyfriend, not Sam. I don’t know Sam, and I have known Clyde since I couldn’t walk.

“OLIVIA!” Lisa yells. “You didn’t! How could you? You love Clyde. And he loves you. I have never seen a boy be so much in love anymore. Or seen you be so much in love, with any of all your thousands boyfriends. For God sake do not mess this up. I’m begging you, Liv.” My cheeks instantly gets red, as she mentions my past, but no need to get all into the past now. Let’s just say that I have had quite a few boyfriends in the past, shall we? Great, know let’s move on.

“I know, I know. I don’t know what got over me. It’s just… Sam is so God damn hot and he turns me on. And I can’t stop thinking about how great sex we could have. He is this perfect bad boy, that makes you feel loved, but still can handle a dirty girl.”

“And Clyde isn’t?”

“Yeah, well… I’m sure I will have great sex with him, but nothing like with Sam. Clyde is more the kind, sweet and loving, that makes love to you. He doesn’t want to do dirty stuff and he doesn’t want to be rough.” Lisa and I are like one, but it still feels so weird to say my feelings and thoughts out loud.

“Olivia! Are you saying you want it dirty?!” Lisa says ‘chocked’ and looks at me, laughing her butt off. Not long after we are both lying on the floor, laughing so hard, we can barely breathe.

At that point, I didn’t think I could survive without Lisa. She was the best. But it turned out I was wrong, like I was with the most of the things that were in my life at that point. I was so, so wrong.

“Clyde, come on! Don’t be such a pussy!” Lisa yells. We are at the party. Clyde is still a bit pissed at me, because I invited Sam to the party, when I had dirty plans with Clyde, but I have chosen to ignore it and act like nothing happened.

“Clyde! Bottom up or be a pussy.” I say. Clyde denies drinking the huge glass of beer that is standing in front of him. His excuse being that he has to drive home, since I have already had way too much to drink.

Clyde shoots me a mean look, and then looks behind me. His face expression turns from annoyed to pissed. The only reason it can possibly be is a hot dude, with dark curls and a sexy voice. I turn around and, just as I assumed, behind me stands Sam, with a huge smirk on his face and a daring look in his eyes. He doesn’t look at me, his eyes are connected to Clyde’s.

“Fine, I’ll do it.” Clyde’s voice says behind me. I don’t react. Sam’s eyes aren’t at Clyde’s anymore. No, now his eyes are staring at mine, and I can’t stop looking at him. I give him a small smile, and he grabs my hand. I can only hope Clyde’s is too busy drinking his beer, to notice what is going on between me and Sam. Clyde is a nice, loving guy who cares about other people, but he is also were protecting and he gets jealous really easy.

“Care for a dance?” Sam says and I slowly nod, without thinking about how mad Clyde will get. Sam guides me to the dance floor, which actually just is the living room, and pulls me towards him. The song is not slow, but it isn’t a really dance song either, so we just move a little, grinding at each other, without it being to intimate.  His hands are resting on my hips and my hands are around his shoulders. Our eyes connected and the connection can’t seem to be broken, not even when some of the many people in the overcrowded room bump into us. His beautiful grey eyes looks at me, like I am the only person in the room, like we are all alone. And I must admit; I do feel like we are all alone, as we slowly dances, our bodies close together. I feel like we are all alone, when he leans closer to me. At first I’m scared that he is going to kiss me, but he just lays his head against mine, his forehead against mine, so close that I can smell him. He smells just as good as I remembered; only now he is wearing a perfume or cologne. But it doesn’t bother me; it just makes him smell even better.

“Olivia!” someone yells, and I quickly moves away from Sam, so fast that I trip over, falling down on the floor. Because of the amount of alcohol flowing around in my blood, I just start laughing, and so does Sam. I know the person, who jelled at me, is trying to get in contact with me, but I’m just laughing too much to care. It’s not until somebody grabs my arms and pulls me up that I stop laughing. The person who pulled me up is Clyde and he doesn’t look happy. In fact he looks like all he wants to do is kill Sam and never talk to me again.

“What do you think you are doing?” Clyde yells, his voice is filled with anger and pain. Maybe he is a guy, but he is sensitive and he is one of the most insecure people I know. He once told me that he finds it hard to trust people, because of his dad. He thinks that they only want to be friends with him, because of the fact that his dad is a famous rock singer.

“What do I think I am doing? I am dancing for God sake, Clyde!” I shout at him. I don’t know where this anger comes from, but I know that I’m pissed, over the fact that he thinks he can just yell at me for dancing with a guy.

“That was not dancing, Olivia. That is called grinding and almost kissing!” He shouts back and grabs my arms. His grip is hard and it hurts, but I don’t say anything.

“I wasn’t kissing him! I was dancing with a very nice guy, who is new here and doesn’t know anybody. I invited him here, which means I am going to talk to him!” God, he is such an idiot some times. I love him, but his mood is terrible. I hate how possessive he can be and how easy he gets mad. He hasn’t done anything tonight except being bitchy and mad at me, for being friendly to a new boy at our school.

“You can talk to him all you want. But what you were doing weren’t talking! God, you have to think about what you do sometimes, Olivia.” He says and looks at Sam, who took a step forward, probably to stop Clyde from hurting me. His grip really hurts now, and I’m sure I will get marks from it.

By now the entire room is staring at us, nobody is saying a thing. Even the music has stopped, making this fight much more serious.

“I do think about what I do! You are acting like I just fucking fucked someone else! I didn’t, Clyde! I was dancing okay!” I yell. I’m just as pissed at him now. Why can’t he just relax?!

“I am acting like this, because you are my girlfriend and you were almost kissing Sam!”

“I wasn’t kissing him! We were dancing, you idiot!”

“Don’t talk to me like that, Olivia.”

“I will say what the fuck I want to whoever I fucking want!” I’m yelling so hard, my throat definitely will be hoarse in the morning.

“Olivia Roberts!” Clyde yells and tightens his grip, making me frown and whimper. “Stop acting like a little girl!”

“Don’t you dare tell me what to do, you are not my father!” I yell. My face is so close to Clyde’s that I can smell his beer-breath.

“I’m you’re freaking boyfriend, Olivia! And you were one step away from kissing that caveman!” When he calls Sam a caveman, I almost start laughing again, but I am too angry.

“Oh, will you chill!”

“Chill? Are you seriously asking me to chill, when my girlfriend is acting like a freaking slut?!” he yells. As he realizes what he just said, his eyes go wide and he tries to say something, but I cut him off by letting my hand touch his cheek.

“We are so over, Clyde! Do you hear me?” I hiss at him. “OVER!” I yell, before storming out of the room. The tears are falling from my eyes. I can hear Clyde yell after me, and suddenly everyone gasps. I turn around and gasp among the crowd. Clyde is lying on the floor, knocked out. Over him stands Sam, looking at him with a terrifying look in his eyes, holding his right hand in the other.

Sam looks at me, and mouths a sorry to me, before bending over Clyde. He grabs ahold of his face, forcing Clyde to look at him.

Even though the room is totally quiet, I can’t hear what Sam says, but it makes Clyde’s eyes go big and he slowly nods. Sam sends him an evil smile, before standing up and moving towards me.

“Come on, let’s get out of here.” He says and gently puts his hands on my hips. He starts guiding me towards the door. Soon we are sitting in his car. His hand caresses the mine, but none of us says a thing.

“Thank you.” I whisper, finally breaking the silence. Sam looks at me and sends me a tiny smile.

“You didn’t deserve being called a slut. We weren’t kissing, we were just dancing.” He says and squeezes my hand slightly.

“What did you say to him?” I ask.

“Um.. J-just that you didn’t deserve that.” He sa

“Thank you.” I whisper, finally breaking the silence. Sam looks at me and sends me a tiny smile.

“You didn’t deserve being called a slut. We weren’t kissing, we were just dancing.” He says and squeezes my hand slightly.

“What did you say to him?” I ask.

“Um.. J-just that you didn’t deserve that.” He mumbles and looks at the road. I know he is lying.

“And then the truth, please.” He chuckles lightly, probably to hide away his embarrassment, and I can’t help but smile.

“Um.. I just told him that, uh. This going to sound brutal.” The last part he whispers to himself, while pulling at his hair. “I said to him that if he said something like that again, I would make sure it was the last thing he ever said.”  As he finishes his sentence his cheeks turns to a deep reed and he pulls his hand from mine. I’m shocked that he said that, but most of all I’m flattered that he would do something like that for me.

I grab his hand and he looks at me, with an insecure look. “Thank you.” I say and give him a big smile. He smiles back and breaths out, like if he had been holding his breath for a long time.

“This is me.” I say, as he reaches my house. All the windows are black and there is no car in the driveway. Great, all alone home after something like this happened. I can already feel the tears starting to show.

“This is you.” Sam awkwardly says and smiles at me. I let go of his hand and gets out of the car. Once I’m out I bend down to look into the car.

“Thank you for standing up to me.” I say. My voice is suddenly very tiny and I have to blink a few times to keep the tears away.

“You’re welcome.” He simply answers and smiles. I smile back, before turning around and walking towards the empty house. I keep waiting for the sound of Sam’s car driving away, but it never comes. Instead I hear a door slam and soon after footsteps is running towards me.

“Olivia, wait.” Sam says and I quickly stop. He reaches me and turns me around.

“Do you.. You know- Do you, uhm, maybe want me t-to stay the n-night?” I like this insecure man, who is standing in front of me with a nervous look in the face. “Not to- you know! Just because it has been a hectic night, and well it doesn’t look like nobody is home.” He adds, when he realizes how wrong it sounded.

I laugh before answering. “It would be great.”

Why on earth did I do that? I knew Clyde would figure out and we would officially be over. I guess I was just too mad and angry about what he said to care. And I was still drunk. 


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