Chaos {One Direction} +16

This is my story. The story about i got the middle name 'Chaos', how i met five amazing boys, who turned my life upside down, and the story about how i went from being happy, to being depressed and then got dragged all the way from being down in the dumps and all the way to being in the seventh heaven.


2. Chapter one

 I don’t go looking for trouble, trouble usually finds me.


My life was perfect. Or at least it seemed perfect, from the unknowing person watching from a far distant. My life was like a painting, a semi-quality painting. One that looks good when you look at it from further away, but when you are looking at it really close, you realize that it really isn’t that good. Its blurry, the painting doesn’t cover up completely and the colors are all wrong. I will tell you why;

“Clyde! Babe!” I yell and start running again my amazing boyfriend, whom I love so much. In fact, I love him so much, it should be impossible and forbidden, because somebody is going to end up heartbroken – but of course, back then I didn’t know that. I believed that Clyde loved me and I chose to see through fingers with all his faults and imperfections.

“Hey sweetie!” he answers backs and wraps his arms around me. When he pulls out of the embrace, I doesn’t waste any time, instead I just presses my lips against his and hold him even tighter. God, how can I love this guy so much? It hurts every time we are not together, even if it’s just for a minute. It doesn’t matter; I just have to be with him at all time, 24/7.

“Looks like someone missed me?” Clyde says and sends me a cheeky smile, as I pull away to breathe.

“You have no idea!” he smiles at my answer and presses his lips against my forehead, before letting go of me. I quickly intertwine our fingers and follow him, as he starts to walk to the school. We have been together for almost five months, but everywhere we go, people still looks as us, like they can’t believe that the most popular guy – and hottest, if you ask me – is together with me, a nobody. I can’t really believe it either.

“So, are we still on for tonight, babe?” Clyde asks me and caresses my hand.

“Well, I thought about it.” I say, and watch as his smile fades away and he looks at me in a disappointed way. “And how about we skip the party,” I lean in close to him and whisper, “and stays at your house instead?”

Clyde’s face is indescribably, when he gets what it is I’m talking about. “Are you suggesting what I think you are?” he says and his face looks like a little boy at Christmas morning. I nod and kiss him on the cheek, before leaving for class. I can practically feel him checking my ass out as I walk away. I know him well enough to know, what he’s thinking about at this exact moment; how my ass would look like without pants on. When he has thought enough about that, he will move onto thinking about my breasts, my belly, my entire body naked in front of him.

And I’m pretty sure, that if I walk back to him and pull him in for a hug, a really tight hug, I will be capable of felling that he is getting hard, just by thinking about me. And I must admit, even though, I’m not as much in need he – since I’m a virgin and he is not – I’m getting really turned on, thinking about tonight. He is an attractive young guy and since we started doing more than just kissed, I have really been having a lust, I have never had before, no matter how hot the other guy have been. Clyde just does something to me, inside and outside.

As I’m walking towards the class room, in my own thoughts, I forget to think about where I’m walking and who is around me. And that leads to me bumping into someone, who loses their books. As I squat to help pick the books up again, I succeed to bump my hand against the other person, who seem to be a guy – judging from the smell and very big, masculine hands.

I look up and meet a pair of beautiful grey eyes, staring at me.

“I’m-““You-“ We both start talking at the same time. I let out a little laugh and watch as he smiles. When he smiles, he gets wrinkles around the eyes. It looks weird, because his entire body and face is pure masculinity, and when he then smiles, he looks like a little boy.

“I’m Olivia.” I say and reaching my hand out, for him to shake.

“I’m Sam.” He says and shakes my hand. For some reason I can’t stop looking at him. His jawline is very outstanding, his mouth is perfectly shaped and looks really soft and his dark, almost black hair is styled in a way it looks masculine, but you can still see his curls, which makes him look incredibly hot. He looks a bit like a Greek god, with his curls, olive-brown skin and muscular body. Only his eyes are not like a Greek god. “Ehh… You are a kind of staring.” He says and smiles at me. I immediately look away and can feel my cheeks get warm.

“Sorry. It’s just.. Have I seen you here before?” I ask and look at him again. He quickly shakes his head no and stands up. He reaches his hand down to me and I grab, letting him pull me up.

“I’m new here, so I doubt it.” He laughs. God, he is so sexy.  “Now that you are here, could you then be so kind to show where my next class is?” he asks sweetly and sends me a cheeky smile that made my cheeks blush. I totally forget that I have a boyfriend. A boyfriend, who I am about to get sexually involved, and who I love incredibly much.

“Of course!” I say, sending him my sweetest smile and looking at him through my long lashes. He smiles at me and leans in close to me. Just as our lips are about to meet, the bell rings and I quickly pull away, remembering that I’m not available at the market. “Um.. What’s your next class?” I can’t make myself look him in the eyes, so instead I fiddle at the hem of my shirt and look awkwardly at my shoes.

“English, I think.” He says, still with a touch of flirt in his sexy voice. God, I must stop thinking about him like this. I just meet this guy. And besides, I have a boyfriend who loves me to the moon and back. And I love him too. But as I walk Sam to class – which turns out to be the same as mine – I can’t stop thinking about that, even though I love Clyde so, so much, there is just this special masculinity and confident over Sam, that makes him seem so incredibly sexy.
And I will not deny that Clyde turns me on, a lot if I have to be honest, but it’s in a sweet, loving way. And I’m sure that when I sleep with Clyde, it will be good, but it will also be safe and sweet. Something about Sam makes me believe that having sex with him will not be safe and loving. No, it will be risky, rough and great. But most of all I think it will be kinky and sexy, because when you look at him, everything about him just screams bad boy. His muscles that plays so hot under his shirts, as he walk, his beautiful lips and big, masculine hands. Even his way to walk, just screams sex god.

“We are here.” I say, still a little unfocused from thinking about Sam. And even though I will deny till I die, if anyone ever says it, I must admit that the thought of me, naked and sweaty with a moaning, also naked, Sam on top of me, turns me on, causing me to get a little to lightheaded. And I can’t wait for tonight, when we finally do it. Me and Sa- Clyde! Me and Clyde.

God, Olivia! What is wrong with you?!

I just met this guy. I cannot be falling for him. And I cannot have these thoughts about him. I have a boyfriend who I love so incredibly much. He makes the butterflies go crazy inside my stomach, he makes it tickle in the tips of my fingers, when he touches me and he turns me on.

“Olivia?” Sam says, waving his hand in front of me, trying to get me back to planet earth. “Geez, you were far away. What were you thinking?” he asks and sends me big smile that makes his dimples even bigger and his eyes sparkles, in this magnificent way that makes me want to jump on him as he smiles.

“Nothing!” I quickly say, to quickly I soon realize. He sends me a better knowing smile, and I feel myself blush. God, this is embarrassing! “I was thinking about nothing. Control your thoughts, boy!” I tease and punch him playfully on the arm, as we walk out the class, that I heard absolutely nothing of, as I was kind of busy, with my dirty thoughts about a guy, who is not my boyfriend. Damn.

“Olivia! What makes you think, that I thought that? You hurt me. Badly!” he says, sending me another of those gorgeous smiles that can melt any girl’s heart. As he puts his books in the other arm, I can’t help but stare at his muscles playing.

“Give me a break! You’re a guy.” I say and open my locker, to put in my books. Just as I’m about to put them in, rose petals falls out and soars quietly to the floor. I just stand there, to choked to say anything and stare at the red petals.

“Wow. Looks like someone got a secret lover.” Sam says, and it’s like there is a bit of jealousy in his voice, but I quickly shake the thought of me and shove my books in the locker, mad over the mess Clyde made. Now I have to go down to the janitor and get something to clean this mess up. 

“Or an irritating, messy boyfriend.” I angrily mumble, and instantly wonder where all this irritation for Clyde comes for. This morning I couldn’t wait to see him and dreamed about him doing something like this, now it bothers me. There is something seriously wrong with me.

“What? You’ve got a boyfriend?” Sam asks and I look at him, choked. I didn’t mean for him to hear that.

“Um, yeah. Clyde.” I say and look down at the ground. He doesn’t say anything, but just stands there. I finally look at him, to see him looking at me, frowning. “What?”

“Your boyfriend is Clyde? The Clyde?” he asks. I look at him in confusing. What does he mean? The Clyde?

“What do you mean?”

“You know. Clyde, whose father is the famous rock singer,” Suddenly I understand it all. Of course he knows who Clyde and his father are. Everybody around here does. When I and Clyde first started dating, a lot of people accused me for only being with Clyde to get all the fame, and to meet the famous rock singer. But to be honest, I couldn’t care less about who is Clyde’s father. And I didn’t even know about his father before I met him and he told me. Before Clyde I lived in my own world, not even bothering to care about anyone else than me.

“Yeah, its him.” I say, when I realize Sam is still waiting for an answer. His eyes go big and his mouth forms a little o. He looks just like everybody else, when they find out. And, to be true, it really bothers me, because then people try to get friends with me, hoping to meet the great rock singer. Sigh..

“Olivia!” someone yells. As you speak of the sun, I think, and turn to be meet by a couple of strong arms and a well-known cologne. Normally my stomach would almost hurt, just be smelling him, and the butterflies would go crazy, by the feeling of his arms around me. But now; nothing. When he kisses me, it’s just a normal kiss. A kiss you share with a boyfriend, who you have been with for forever, not a kiss, that makes my fingertips tickle and my knees feel like jelly. I guess our honeymoon time is officially over.

Our maybe you have fallen for a tall, dark stranger, Olivia.

I ignore the voice telling me the real reason to why the sparkles and fireworks are gone. Instead I pull away from the kiss, and send him a big smile, trying to make it look like we’re still in the honeymoon-phase and everything is pure hugs and kisses.

Sam clears his throat loudly, and I turn around to look at him, with a big smile plastered on my smile.

“Sam, meet Clyde.” I say and gestures my hand towards Clyde. “Clyde, meet Sam. He’s new here.”

Sam reaches his hand towards Clyde, who – very unwilling – takes it and shakes it quick. Then Clyde kisses me on the cheek and puts his arms around my waist.

“Nice to meet you, Sam.” He says. “How do you know my girlfriend?” He makes sure to say ‘girlfriend’ extra loud and clear.

“She bumped into me – literally – and then we had English together.” Sam says. His eyes are at Clyde’s arms around my waist, I discover. So does Clyde, because he tightens his grip and lays his head on my shoulder. And then he whisper – a bit too loud, “Are you ready for tonight, babe?” in my ear. Sam looks surprised at me and once again I spot the jealousy in his eyes.

“Well.. I invited Sam to go to the party with us, so he can get to know people.” I say and look at Sam, hoping for him to play along. He knows, just as well as me, that I didn’t invite him. Clyde’s body freezes and his grip tighten even more.

“Hope its okay, mate.” Sam says and winks at me.

“Sure.” Clyde just says, before he leaves without even as much as a kiss.

Good job, Olivia. You just pissed of your boyfriend, to get Sam to know better.



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