One Direction Imagines

Heyy!! I'm starting to write imagines!! Just comment below, your boy you would like, your hair color, eye color your name (you can use a fake name if you would like) where you would like it to take place, and what you want to happen. Thank you <3 ;)


4. I-uh Bye! *Imagine for Tess*

You were almost done with your little phone call with your boyfriend Harry. "Alright Tess, I gotta go."He said. "Alright Harry."You sigh. "I love you."He said blowing you kisses over the phone. Your heart stopped. You knew that you needed to say I love you back, but you just couldn't. "I uh, I'll see you tomorrow."You said hanging up. Now you felt guilty. You do love Harry with all your heart, you honestly don't know why you can't say a simple I love you. It just backfires at last second. So you thought it over, coming up with a few ideas of why you can't say I love you to Harry. Although only one seemed to make enough sense. The way you would say I love you, it never sounded right. It sounds like you don't mean it. You walked over to the mirror and practiced saying it in the mirror a few times. Maybe tomorrow. If you have the guts to say it. 

The next day, Harry came over after his interview and you two were hanging out playing video games. You were kicking Harry's butt and ended up winning. "HA! IN YOUR FACE STYLES!"You shouted in victory. "Shh quiet down Tess."Harry shushed. "What? Are you just mad because I kicked your butt at Mario Kart?"You smirked. He sighed and put the controller down. "Yes I am actually. Why can't I ever win this game?"He frowned. "Maybe it's because you stink at the game?"You hinted. Hey! I'm not that bad! I've one a few games here and there."He said. "Yea Harry, to an 8 year old."You laughed. "No he was 12 almost."Harry said stubbornly. Harry looked up at the time. "Oh my 7 already? I have to go Tess, Mum's making my favorite tonight."Harry said. You gave him a hug and kiss goodbye. "I love you."He said. You gulped unsure of what to say next, "I-I-I'll see you sometime babe." Come on Tess! "Right, Bye babe."He said closing the door. "I did it again!"You half yelled throwing down the game controller. You sighed and plopped down on to the couch. "I wish I could just tell it to him. It's not hard."You thought. 

Later that evening, Harry calls you and you have at least a two hour discussion about the random est things. It was all funny things until Harry spoke up, "Why don't you say I love you back?"He asked. You bit your lip. "I uhm I don't know?"You say. "Tess, it seems to me that you don't love me the way that I love you."He said. "No Harry I do. It's just hard for me. I I don't know how to."You said. Harry snorted in to the cell phone. "What do you mean you don't know how to?"He asked. "It's hard to explain."You protested. "I'm sure it is."He said. "Please Harry, I'm speaking the truth. I can't seem to find the words when you say it to me. I want to, I really want to, I just, I just go dumbfounded."You said. "Oh.Well try it.I'll go first. I love you Tess." You took a deep breath and opened your mouth. "I love you too, Harry."You slowly and steadily said the four words. It took you a moment to realize that it wasn't as hard as you thought. "Tess you did it!"Harry exclaimed. "Yea, I guess I did."You smiled over the phone. "Well it's getting pretty late, Night Tess, Love you."Harry spoke. "I love you too."It felt nice being able to get it out. You hung up the phone, crawled into bed and fell asleep. 

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