One Direction Imagines

Heyy!! I'm starting to write imagines!! Just comment below, your boy you would like, your hair color, eye color your name (you can use a fake name if you would like) where you would like it to take place, and what you want to happen. Thank you <3 ;)


2. Fireworks *Imagine for Amber :)*

You watched from your balcony as the fireworks exploded in to the night sky. It was a beautiful thing to watch. Especially when you your with the love of your life. "Amber."You turned and looked at your fiance., Harry. His green emerald eyes looked directly in to your beautiful green eyes. "Yes?"You ask. He got up and took your hands in his. "I love you."He smiled cheekily. "Love your more."You smiled and he leaned in closer. "I love you most."He places his lips against yours. Wrapping your arms around his neck a big boom made it's way in to the atmosphere. You jumped a little startled and looked at the gold and blue light fall from the sky. "That was loud."You giggle. Harry chuckles and takes your hand sitting down on the little bench on your balcony. You watch some more fireworks amazed by the big bright colors. "You think those are wonderful wait for the next one."You looked over at the smirking Harry wondering what he was up to. You smile and look at the sky. The whistle sound blew in to the sky and letters spread across the sky. They spell  "I love you Amber." You gasp and look over at Harry, who looked at you back. His smirk turned in to a warm smile and he wrapped his arm around your waist. "You did that?"You ask still overwhelmed at the red words that had spread across the sky. "I did."He said. "Harry it's beautiful."You smile at him. "It took time for me to do this. I'm glad you love it."He said. "I love you too."You said pulling him in to a hug. You both spent the night watching the fireworks. 

A/N: Amber, I hope  you like this imagine :) Sorry I took such a long time to write it. I was thinking of a way to write it. Anyway if anyone else would like a imagine please comment. Would mean lots xxxx



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