One Direction Imagines

Heyy!! I'm starting to write imagines!! Just comment below, your boy you would like, your hair color, eye color your name (you can use a fake name if you would like) where you would like it to take place, and what you want to happen. Thank you <3 ;)


3. Carnival *Imagine for Sofia*

You stepped out of the car.So happy that you finally get to go to the carnival. But what really made it more special was the fact your going with your best friend, Liam. You've been friends since you were young and you always had a slight crush on him. It grew more every time you see him. But you never had the guts to tell him because your afraid of what could happen. Morley because your were always so shy when it came to things like this. "Are you ready Sofia?"Liam asks. "Yes I am!"You almost screamed. "Let's go then!"Liam cheered. As you both walked up to the counter you felt Liam's hand intertwine with yours. You both walked up to the counter and you pulled out money from your pocket. "No no. I got it."Liam smiled handing the lady a bill. She handed him back his change. Liam was such a gentleman. He handed you a bracelet and you slipped it on. It was so you could ride all the rides without having to pay a ticket. The first thing you guys did was go on the scrambler. It whipped you and Liam around it was so fun. After that, Liam took you on a few more rides, including the pirate ship. You were both walking around when Liam gasped pulling you towards the shooting game. You had to shoot the alien with water. You suck at this game. "Liam I can't play this game for what it's worth!"You whined. "I didn't say you had to play."Liam joked handing the employer a bill before climbing on to the stool and aiming his gun. He shot the alien multiple times and won a giant stuffed panda. "Here you go."Liam smiled handing you the panda. "Awe Liam! This is so sweet of you."You blush taking the giant animal. Liam smiled cheekily. He skipped right over to the next question. "Hey would you like to eat?"He asked. You nodded and followed Liam to the little restaurant set up thing. He pulled a chair out for you and you sat down. He pushed you back in. "I'm going to go order what would you like?"He asked. You told him what you wanted and he went to order. He came back soon with your guys food. This little place he took you for dinner was so peaceful. It was romantic. Maybe this was the perfect time to tell Liam you like him. You cleared you throat. "Liam I-I need to tell you something."Your voice shaking. "Anything."He smiled. "I-I uh I like y-you."You barely came out with the words but he understood. He took a minute to sink in what you had told him. He didn't look to happy. You were so embarrassed that you took of running away from him. You ran around the carnival looking for a place to sit down and cry when you felt someone grab your arm. You turned around to see Liam. He smiled in relief that he had found you. "Sofia why did you run?"He asked. "It was stupid of me to tell you Liam. You don't like me back."You started to cry. "That's not true Sofia. I always had a crush on you."He placed his lips against yours. Your lips moved in sync perfectly. He stopped kissing you. "There was no need to run away Sofia. I love you."He said to you. You couldn't help but blush and you hugged him. You were extremely happy. "I love you too Liam." 

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