Better Left Untold.

This is a story better left untold. This is a story, of the oldest woman alive.
With the appearance of a twenty one year old she has the whole world, or atleast london where she lives, fooled that she is young Newspaper journalist Faye Harret.
She is not Faye, She is not twenty one,
She is something else.


2. Chapter Two- Just the Meet.

 I tightened my grip around Andy, ready to unleash another perk of mine. I closed my eyes and stopped walking. " You will move, One direction does not interest you. You wish to go home." I whispered loud enough so only i  heard it. 

Suddenly, some of the loud, sweaty teenage girls gave up, clearing a path for me and andy. " Woah, they just left?" he spoke confused. I shrugged ,playing it off. I pushed through the remaining girls up to the entrance to the small restraunt where a man stood at the doorway.

" Excuse me?" i caused him to look up from his sheet. " DO you have a reservation?" He asked, slightly annoyed. " No, but you will let me in, and purposly sit me near one direction." I whispered, starring into his black eyes. In the trance he nodded. Gesturing for a cute little busboy to seat us at a table numbered thirteen, specifically next to fourteen, where the hearthrobs await. 

Andy and I followed the man, seating us and giving us menu's. I could hear andy's heartrate pickup as they came into veiw, all of them, so beautiful. We pretended not to notice them, and i made andy sit with his back towards the exit, so he could have full veiw of the boys. " Oh gosh Lou saw me stare at him! he probably thinks im creepy." he flustered out and i laughed. "Stay." i spoke, reciving a pen and notepad from my purse. 

I strode to their table with confidence, until my eyes met his deep blue ones. I shuddered, i felt powerless. "excuse me?" i spoke suddenly more nervous. " Would you mind signing this? My friend, is a huge fan and it would mean the world to him. " I smiled handing Louis the pen and pad. They passed it around all signing it. " Love, whats your name?" The one im guess was Harry spoke up. " Faye," i smiled at him, biting my lip softly, to make him feel the full effect of my powers. " Thats beautiful." he spoke kissing my hand. 

He was in a trance, no. i broke my stare from him, picked up the notebook and headed back to my table, giving Andy the signed paper. 

"Thanks Faye." He smiled at me. I smiled back thinking about it. I recognized a famillar, hitched breath and I knew who it was. "Hi sorry." His thick Irish accent rang through my ears, he sat down and smiled at Andy, then me. " You forgot this. " He handed me the pen. " T-Thanks." I smiled sweetly. SUddenly i was the one in a trance, a nervous wreck, his pale skin, his deep blue eyes, the accent. I pinched my arm, returning to the real world.

" Would it be alright if i had your number? unless you two are on a date. " Oh no, here." i smiled taking the pen and writing my number across his hand. " Thanks, it was nice meeting you Faye." he got up, quickly kissed my cheek, leaving my non beating heart, throbbing, and returned to this table. "Faye, holy shit you have Niall Horan's number!" he whispered to me, obviously as excited as i was.

"Want to just skip the rest of work?" i smiled at Andy. " I'd rather not get fired." He laughed out throwing back his water." Oh its fine ill handle it, seriously lets go watch a movie or something." i begged and he agreed. 

I knew i could never hypnotize andy. I knew with anyone i got close to if i did thatit would end badly. Which is why i was considering telling Andy the truth. Maybe. We continued to walk down to his small one bedroom house, while i thought about everything. 

If i ever had a chance, i wasnt going to hypnotize Niall either. My powers seemed usless around this hearthrob, he left me as giddy as a fifteen year old.

" Just think Faye, that was just the meet, wait for your first date!" And shuck my hand vigorosly. I laughed it off and continued to smile like an idiot.


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