Better Left Untold.

This is a story better left untold. This is a story, of the oldest woman alive.
With the appearance of a twenty one year old she has the whole world, or atleast london where she lives, fooled that she is young Newspaper journalist Faye Harret.
She is not Faye, She is not twenty one,
She is something else.


12. Chapter Ten- The Begining.

It has been a week since i first arrived in Orlando. Maria has moved in quite swiftly and it is amazing. Her children where amazing. There was Carlo and Alexandria , seven year old twins. Then Jaylee. A four year old firecracker. All her children resembled Maria's features and seemed to have a talent for drawing like there father, who was also quite nice.

This morning i started school. It started at eight and it was now six. I brushed my waxy hair, leaving it almost crimped. I threw on a black sweatshirt and blue ripped short shorts, and my tanned dock martins. Yes, a girl almost three hundred years old kept up with fashions.

I grabbed my notebook and threw it in my bag, greeting Maria in the large kitchen. " Morning." I smiled sitting down at the island. " Are the kids off to school?" I smiled and she nodded. " I have some time i can take them if you'd like?" i asked, noticing she wished she has some alone time with her husband recently. " If you wouldn't mind dear that would be great." Her tired face smiled brightly.

I knocked on the bedroom doors of the children, to be greeted first by Jay. I had to admit, she was my favorite. " Clare! I have school." She smiled, rocking on her heels. " Yes Sweety, now go tell your brother and sister to meet me by the front door, we're leaving soon!" I kissed her forehead, sending her the direction of the twins's room across the hall from each other. I waited by the front door, to be greeted by the children ." Lets go!" i pushed them out the door, to the first day of school.

I waved goodbye to them. Saddened at the thought. I remember when Maria was pregnant with the twins. She hadn't known until she gave birth, she did not believe in ultrasounds and modern technology. I found it quite fascinating. 

I knew they where twins, I edged Maria on for the name Alexandria. That was my mothers name.

I paced quickly to the large Jackson High that i would soon be attending.

I didnt know why i wanted to start the theatrics of a highschool student, i missed the subtle life of Faye. But things changed, too quickly for me to fix.

I stepped inside, my senses overwhelmed. A small school, compared to most, yet i still felt the wave of overwhelming conciousness. I griped my notebook tightly and smiled confidently, striding at a normal pace. I caught a girls glance, recognizing her immediatley. 

From the plane, ofcourse.

She looked to weak, breakable. It made me want to cling to her, i have no clue why, i just did.I continued to my first class, history. 

I took advanced history, just to hear old stories. I was in alot of textbooks theese days, more than one could ever know. I loved having the spotlight on me, yet i knew that could never happen.

I sat near a window, right on the end of the rows of desks. People flooded in  the run of five minutes. None of them looked very smart. I smirked a little, eyeing people, familliarizing myself with their movements, the way they talked, the heart rates. 

The teacher stepped in and wasted no time drawing up his lesson. He was a younger man, only twenty eight. He wore glasses and had alot of major health issues that he was unaware of.

It made me sad. He would die around the age of forty.


i could tell when some people would die. Its not that hard.

He went on to talk about the conclusion of the spanish war sucsession. I let a small laugh slip as he spoke about the topic.1714, The year i was born.

Throughout his lesson i paid no attention to details. I was aware of everything that had happened at that time. I focused on the people in this room. Nerdy kids up at front, deep in thought about the war. The kids who really paid no attention, talking about upcoming social events.

" Cheer starts tomorrow, well tryouts anyways." one girl gossiped to another.

Then i realized, i had to make a choice. I was going to be here for a while. High school is three years and if everything goes well, thats how long ill be here. 

What kind of person was i going to be? Clare could be the sweet quite girl with a few friends, or, i could be the troublemaker i've always wanted to be.

The bell rang and i picked up my things, not bothering to go quickly, considering i already had a spare. I locked my eyes on Mr Bares and smiled sweetly, walking by sending my sweet floral scent to him. " Excuse? Whats your name?" He brushed my shoulder, his slight french accent sticking out. " Clare, and you?" I bit my lip, leaving his eyes glancing at every feature of my face. " Joshua, but please, call me Mr b in class." He let a smirk show and i nodded, swifting out into the halls. 

This teacher was interesting, but i cant get close to another man, not now.



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