Better Left Untold.

This is a story better left untold. This is a story, of the oldest woman alive.
With the appearance of a twenty one year old she has the whole world, or atleast london where she lives, fooled that she is young Newspaper journalist Faye Harret.
She is not Faye, She is not twenty one,
She is something else.


7. Chapter Seven- Dangerous.

I let go of Andy's hand and held the door open for him. He stood there with his mouth wide open and he gave me an "Are you serious?" look. I smiled sweetly at him and he laughed. " You're not serious are you? A tattoo parlour? those things are permanent!"

"Pleaaassee Andy i know what i want, ive been thinking about this for a hundred years, i want one!" i let slip from my mouth. "What?" he raised an eyebrow. " It felt like a hundred years. I want one. Lets go." I brushed my mistake off, dragging him into the parlour. 

"Hey how can i help you?" A girl with a sleeve of tattoo's asked. " I would like a tattoo!" i smiled at her she nodded. " Well you're lucky we're empty. DO you know what you want?" She asked and i nodded." Alright step back there, ill send Jake to do it,." SHe pointed at a room.

" How bout you, love?" she winked at andy and he shook his head. He followed me back and sat in the extra chair.

" Hey." a buff man plastered with tattoo's entered at sat down. "What would you like and where?" He asked, sounding bored. " I would like a name, on here." i pointed at my left hip. "lift your shirt please." he asked and i nodded taking it right off. " Whats the name you want dear?" He asked, admiring my flat stomach and busty boobs. " Clarise. spelt C-L-A-R-I-S-E" I spelt out and he nodded.

Andy looked at me questionly, " Old friend. Really old, friend that id rather not forget." i smiled. He nodded understandingly.

The tattoo pen buzzed and pressed to my skin.

I was used to much more pain than this. Hell, ive had my head smashed in. It didnt bother me and Jake stopped halfway through. " You're pretty tough chick, most guys we have in here cry like children." He laughed and continued. " Its nothing." I winked at him and gave Andy a reasurring smile. 

" Maybe i should get one." He laughed winking at me. " DO IT!" i shouted and he thought about it.

After i was finished with my tattoo I convinced Andy to get one. I swear i didnt use my powers on him. 

" FUCK THIS HURTS< HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO THIS." he shouted at me, gripping my hand. 

As a joke he got " Bitch Please." In the same place as i did. I laughed while gazing over Andy's fine shirtless body. I had to admit if he wasnt gay, Id jump on him right here and now.

Not to mention the fact that i havent had sex in thirty years, which is long for me. I laughed at myself and Andy was done.

We smiled, I paid, and we left.

About an hour later Andy was piss drunk, and i was quite buzzed.  I sent Andy home in a taxi and called one for myself. " TO the Hilton please." I slurred to the driver and he smiled at me. 

"Thank you sir!"I handed him a fiftee and he laughed. " Miss your ride costed ten." He let a american accent shine through. " Keep it." I hiccuped and walked into the hotel. " Excuse me ma'am" I paused , making the lady stare at me. " What floor is the one direction reserving." I stared deeply and she stuttered. "s-seven." i was about to walk away when i took her into my grasp again. " I wasnt here." And i walked to the elevator.

Ariving on the seventh floor i was immediatley greeted by two bouncers. " Hi boys. What room is Niall in?" i asked, taking them both into a trance. " THree." The smaller one let out and i nodded, pushing past them.

i knocked three times." Hello?" His sexy accent rang through. His eyes met mine and i smiled. I pressed my lips hard on to his.  We striped, and i was amazed at him, his perfectly structured-"Clarise." He whispered running his hands over my tattoo brining me out of my seculded thoughts. " Why did you get this tattoo?" He looked into my eyes. " Its an old friend." I smiled. 

He shrugged it off and continued to kiss me softly, but filled with lust.


I laid there, cuddled into his chest, gasping for air. " Holy shit." I let out and he nodded vigorisly. " You where, damn." He laughed and i nodded, reaching up to his lips and pressing them to his one final time before sleep pulled me away from the world.

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