Better Left Untold.

This is a story better left untold. This is a story, of the oldest woman alive.
With the appearance of a twenty one year old she has the whole world, or atleast london where she lives, fooled that she is young Newspaper journalist Faye Harret.
She is not Faye, She is not twenty one,
She is something else.


4. Chapter Four- Little Distractions

I wiped the tears from my distraught face, Walking down the midnight streets of london. I let my guard down and stopped in a park, Placing myself on the bench. This past year was the first time being back in london, my hometown, since 1721. I recognized it so much, yet so much has chnaged. 

I smiled crossing my legs and settling into the bench. "I miss you so much." I whispered to myself. THat dream made me realize why nothing worked out for me. I was A Vrykolakas, Vampire. I wiped more airmless tears from my cheek and silently laughed at myself. This was my first time crying since 1930. When i fell in love the second time.

In all my life, my lovers always seemed to leave. Anton, he was the man that changed me. He was my original love. Then in 1909 i met a man named Carson, in his forties. Hey, i was still older than him.  He was the only human i ever told about my true self, he understood me. He died in 1930 in the Stromboli volcanic eruption, and i was devistated. 

From that moment on, i promised to not let myself get close to anyone else. Until i me Andy last year.

Andy wasnt a man i had love for, in the sexual kind of way, hes gay. But something about him drew me to him, he reminded me alot of my younger brother, who i also miss dearly. In a way i guess i think of Andy as my brother reborn, into this century.

I smiled thinking about my life, on the cold steel bench. I wasnt cold though, no, i dont get cold.

I heard someone behind me, and i immediatley become more aware of my senses. Theres five of them. Wait.

I recognize the hitched breathing.

I turned around to see the five boys of one direction walking aimlessly across the park, drunk. 

None of them noticed me, until Niall's head shot over to me, and smiled. He whispered. " Ill be back you boys go to the hotel." and changed directions, heading my way.

He moved swiftly, as if he glided across the park. If i had a beating heart, it surley would be racing.

He sat beside me and took off his jacket, throwing it around my figure. " Hey love, why are you outside?" he laughed, obviously drunk, yet he seemed to be steady. " I like london at night." i smiled looking pwards at the stars. " arent you scared?" he winked, pausing. " Its dark, cold, there could my monsters." he joked, edging closer." How do you know im not a monster?." i grinned at him and he laughed. Edging a few inches away from my face. " a girl as beautiful as you could never be a monster." He whispered, his lips brushing mine. 

 'Arton, Carson, ' flashed through my mind and i pulled away quickly, jumping off the bench. " Sorry Niall, i must go." i started to stride away. He caught up to me and grasped at my shoulder, spinning me around. " Faye, why wont you kiss me?" he asked, sadly looking into my eyes. I couldnt hypnotize him, i couldnt lie to him like that. " We just met" i spoke truthfully.

" But i know you cant to Faye, i can see it in your eyes." He spoke lifting my chin with his thumb. Causing me to look at him, direction. " You want to, i can tell." he edged closer. 

I let myself go and gave into his warm embrace. Plastering my pink lips to his, in a sweet touch. 

I pulled away , making the excuse that i needed to go. " Atleast let me walk you home?" He asked and i shook my head, starting to walk. " Goodnight Niall." i walked away. He mumbled something but i wasnt able to catch it.

I jogged home swiftly and got there after about five minutes. Setting my things down on my table and heading straight to my room. I undressed in the dark and felt like i was being watched. But no body was there. I could sense if someone was there.

I texted Andy telling him that i stopped at the park for a while to watch stars and i was home safe now, but i told him nothing of the irish sweetheart.

I laid in my large bon jovi t-shirt and underwear in my bed, too lazy to actually put sleeping clothing on. I guess at least i wasnt sleeping naked, which i did quite often and thought was comfortable.Even if Andy slept over, i didnt care, i love my body. I closed my eyes and started to think about Niall.

I wasnt falling for Niall, we just met.

I wasnt,

i couldnt,

i cant,

I am.

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