Better Left Untold.

This is a story better left untold. This is a story, of the oldest woman alive.
With the appearance of a twenty one year old she has the whole world, or atleast london where she lives, fooled that she is young Newspaper journalist Faye Harret.
She is not Faye, She is not twenty one,
She is something else.


5. Chapter Five- Release the Animal.

(gruesome chapter.)

I woke up, tired, and hungry.

My throat was dry, and my stomach clenched in pain. 

It was only three in the morning, but i knew what  had to do.

I tied my hair up messily, and headed straight to my closet. Getting dressed in record time i threw on my sweats and  grabbed my flat keys, knowing i wouldnt need anything else.

I dont feast fancy.

I walked aimlessly around the dark, cold london streets and smiled seeing two heavy men, Their drunk mouths slurred out profanities at eachother, aparently fighting.  the pain in my stomach grew, and i coughed out as the need grew.

 I didnt just need this, I wanted this.

 I swooned around ducking behind newspaper stands. The animal in me released, I was not Faye, Or Clarise anymore. I was a Vampire, and a hungry one at that. 

I lunged myself at the larger man, knocking him to the ground. With a swift movement i snapped his neck. I looked up into the other drunken mans eyes with the lust of his taste. He shook, unable to move or speak. I reached up and grabbed his collar. 

I pulled down, smashing his front on to the cold cement, leaving him shattered. 

The Animal in me loved bloody messes. And hey, Clarise quite enjpyed it too. I returned my hunger to the larger man, whos body was still twitching. I bent down, sinking myself into him. ripping at his veins, the pleasure filled me.

'Not the last drop' Clarise informed me, putting  me, the 'Animal' In my place.

i drunk, filled myself with almost every drop of him, stopping when i knew i should. 

"Holy shit." I spoke up, returning to myself. I was amazed at how the animal side of me just took over, when i needed to be fed. Its as if i was two people, and thats why anton didnt stop. I cut myself off, not wanting to think of the fateful day.

I dragged the two mens body into a dumpster and jogged back home. upon arival at my flat's building i stopped. 

Someone was watching me. 

I raised my guard and heard footsteps.

where are they? 

i spun around. "Up here." An american accent rang. My focus shot up. I saw a dark figure on top of my building. It was too dark to see his complextion, but i recognized his figure. "Who are you?"i questioned. Jumping up on top, trying to face this man.

I still couldnt see his face. "That was impressive, Clare." He avoided the question. I didnt recognize his voice. 

" Who are you, And how the fuck do you know my name you little bastard." i threatened . He stepped forward, his dark eyes meeting mine. " No." He spoke.

I awoke, the sun shining through my window. "FUCK." i shot up, closing them immediatley as the blood rushed to my head.

I sat down on the edge of my bed, wondering what the hell happened last night. " All my life, ive never met someone like me." i whispered to myself.

I knew the man had hypnotized me, because i had no recollection of the conversation after our eyes met. He hadnt hurt me atleast. 

I shuddered at the fact that someone had this power over me. But it also intrigued me, to think, someone who has the same powers as me. Someone who could live forever, like me.


This person was dangerous. I snapped myself out of my own thoughts and stepped towards the bathroom, turning on the shower.

I undressed and stepped into the hot water.

" Greatest invention ever" I smiled to myself as the warm water dripped down my pale body. It always made me feel better to be clean.

It helped me not think of all the dirty, horrid things i had done.

I was right to say what i said to Niall the other night. I was the monster.

After half an hour i stepped out of the shower, retriving my phone to see none other than Niall, texting me. 

"Hey, would you like to go to coffee:)xx" I read outloud.

I smiled replying to him, sending the adress of the one near my house. I  got dressed in a pair of plain black jeans and a green jumper, tying my hair up i headed out of the door.

I completley forgot all my problems and focused on him.

I was having a date with the Niall Horan.

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