Better Left Untold.

This is a story better left untold. This is a story, of the oldest woman alive.
With the appearance of a twenty one year old she has the whole world, or atleast london where she lives, fooled that she is young Newspaper journalist Faye Harret.
She is not Faye, She is not twenty one,
She is something else.


10. Chapter Eight- Goodbye?

I smiled, eyes pressed on to Niall's as the boys walked off stage. " Hey love." He sat beside me telling the boys to go ahead. " Hey," I fake smiled, knowing what was coming. The boys had to move on, they where starting there tour today.

" I dont know how to say this." He paused, dropping his gaze." I think," He paused yet again. " I think i love you, and i cant let you go again." He mumbled out." Again?" I questioned and he shook his head. " This cant be goodbye, we've only just met." I let a tear fall down my cheek. I wasnt much of a crier but, i felt so attached to Niall.  

" I want to spend forever with you." i smiled and he smiled back. " Im gunna miss you." I hugged him one last time. I got up and Niall stood aswell. " Wait," He caleld. " No Niall, If you love something you let it go. If you find eachother again, it was meant to be," With that line i sped out of there, avoiding the theatric goodbyes.

I walked out into the dark quiet night. I was hungry. But there was something i had to do first.


I walked to his small house. Ringing the door constantly until he opened.

"Hello?" He rubbed his groggy eyes. I ignored him, pushing him in and locking the doors behind me. "Faye?" He called. "Clarise." I instructed, grabbing him by the hand and dragging him to his couch.

" My name is not Faye. My name is Clarise and i was born in 1714 my three hundreth birthday is coming up in february." I paused. His eyes where wide open now and he had a distraught look on his face.  "What the fuck Faye?" He swore, alarming me. I felt someone else's presence near.

" Please Andy, im not joking, i can explain the details later but can you come to my house, theres somebody dangerous here." i spoke, regonizing the senses of the man from a few nights ago. The one with more power than me. " Get out." He looked me straight in the eye. 

Getting up, he grabbed my wrists and jerked me to his front door. " Andy please you need to trust me."

 He unlocked his door and pushed me out. " This is a sick fucking joke Faye. Im not in the mood." He yelled, taking one step forward. " Andy ,go inside." I clenched my fist, recognizing the strange man's presence above andy. 

"Faye, just stop already, go home." He yelled. The dark shadow jumped down. Less than an inch from andy. " Andy come here." I pushed out, my throat dry. " What the-" Andy spun around feeling someone behind him. " No!" i called out, lunging at them. He whispered something to andy, pressing the knife into his heart and twisting it, a fatal blow.

but i was to late. 

His body lay, lifeless on the ground. blood pouring around him. "You stabbed him!" I called to the dark figure, while reaching to Andy's aid.

" You shouldnt get close to people. What would the world be like without that boy band boy of yours huh?" he threatened sending me a throaty laugh. " Not today," he pressed through his lips. 

His face was too dark and i still had no clue who he was. 

"Maybe He'll survive, if you leave him after tonight." The man let out, jumping up top of a pule, and dancing away into the night. "Andy, hold on." I cried to him. I found a nearby piece of glass and dragged it across my palm, causing blood to pour out. I pressed my palm to Andy's wound, the life slowly returning to him. "c-Clarise, you werent joking." a smile played at his lips. 'Andy, open your eyes." I threatened, knowing what i had to do.

His eyes looked into mine, and they shone, i was going to miss his beautiful brown eyes. 

" You have never met Faye before. She is nobody to you and you will never remember her. Clarise isnt real. There is no such thing as vampires and you have never met either of the said girls. You will continue with your job, and live a long happy life, without thought of theese two women, ever." I spoke loud and clear. 

He smiled closing his eyes and nodding, falling asleep. I picked him up, carrying him in side to his bedroom. I locked his house up and left. Thats it, i had nobody. I lost everyone who was ever important to me, and i couldnt bear to live this hell life anymore.

It saddened me to think of everything i had lost as i walked home along the dark streets. I walked to the same park a few streets from my house and sat on the same bench.

I let every single salty tear fall down my cheek, not making a sound.

I had broken all my promises in one night. 

I had promised to never hurt Andy, or let him get mixed with my buisness.

I had promised to never lie, or hypnotize andy.

I had promised to never love again.

I had promised if i ever loved again to never say goodbye.

I had broken the promises.The worst one, hit me hard.

I had broken the promise to never say goodbye,

And i had said Goodbye to everyone i loved.

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