Elsie has always been invisable to those around her, so she decides to runaway. She finds a big abandoned flat, but another person has had the same idea.


5. I Need A Break


"Hi," he said calmly and motioned for me to sit next to him. I noticed his cheeks going pink. I sat down next to him.

"What are you doing here," I asked him curiously

"I needed a break," he replied

"B-but you popular and Perfect and...," I trailed off

"Yeah, but sometimes you need a break from all that," he replied. He closed his eyes and didn't say a word. I closed my eyes and smiled to my self. I was sitting in a sofa next to Ash May.
"Hey, Elsie," he said, I was shocked that he knew my name

"Yeah," I said while opening my eyes, Ash took my hand and sqeezed and let go, I smiled

"C'mon then," said Ash as he stood up

"What?," I said asked him questioningly

"You can't stay here for ever," he said

"Why not," I said bringing my knees up to my chest and looking at him. He raised his eyebrows and opened he door

"I'll be back after school to see if your still here," he said and closed the door.

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