Elsie has always been invisable to those around her, so she decides to runaway. She finds a big abandoned flat, but another person has had the same idea.


6. After School

He was. I stayed in the apartment all day plaing with the random stuff I had in my bag. I heard the door open and turned to see Ash walk in, he came and sat down next to me and suddenly I felt much more comfortable around him. He grabbed my hand and stood up again, pulling me up and dragged me out the door into the hall. He dragged me through the school doors,

"But its after school" I said, he took no notice and pushed me in and there was everyone standing in the hall with banners held up saying 'SORRY ELSIE' and I felt a smile creep across my face. Soon we were all enjoying ourselves, laughing and by the end of our mini party we were crying. This was the start of a new life.

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