Over Again

I met Niall at my audition, on x-factor. We were pretty close, it was like he was my boyfriend. But after he came in a boyband, it was like he tried to ignore me.
Now 3 years later, i have tried and tried to forget him. But he is everywhere, on the tv, magazines, plus he is everywhere on the internet too. He sure cant remember me anymore, i know that. He dont have time for a 18 year old girl, he met on x-factor. But in somehow i still cant come over him!

I cant come over her, she was just so perfect!
i know that its been 3 years, but Summer was my world!
The boys know everything about her, and they will comfort me when im crying over her.
And i know its pretty sick, that i still love her, but she would always make me food and make me laugh!
I miss her.
I miss him.


4. The date! (Part 1)


There was currently 2 and a half hour, to my "date" with Niall. i Hopped in the shower, to do my daily soap routine. I started to scrub my body in my coconut body splash, then putting my rasperry shampoo in my hair. When i was done with that i hopped out of the shower, and put a towel around my body. I started to blow dry my brown hair. After that i walked out to my little walk-in closet, and picked some striped leggings and a purple t-shirt. I walked back into the bathroom again, and applied a little mascara and chapstick, beacuse i know Niall doesnt like i wear too much makeup. I saw that there where a whole hour to my meet up with Niall, and i still havent maked my hair. I called my best friend, Kate so she can help me with my hair. 

*AFTER KATE HAVE MAKE HER HAIR* ( A/N Sorry i was too lazy...)

Kate was home now, and i was alone in my house. There was 5 minutes to Niall came, and i was just on my phone playing apps. * DING DONG* That must be Niall, i walked over to my door and opened it. 


Im driving over to summers right now, and im just as exited as a child in a toy shop! I parked my car in front of her house, and walked up to the door.

(A/N sorry for long waiting, there are 2 parts of this chapter btw) 


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