Over Again

I met Niall at my audition, on x-factor. We were pretty close, it was like he was my boyfriend. But after he came in a boyband, it was like he tried to ignore me.
Now 3 years later, i have tried and tried to forget him. But he is everywhere, on the tv, magazines, plus he is everywhere on the internet too. He sure cant remember me anymore, i know that. He dont have time for a 18 year old girl, he met on x-factor. But in somehow i still cant come over him!

I cant come over her, she was just so perfect!
i know that its been 3 years, but Summer was my world!
The boys know everything about her, and they will comfort me when im crying over her.
And i know its pretty sick, that i still love her, but she would always make me food and make me laugh!
I miss her.
I miss him.


3. Chapter 3

Summers P.O.V:

Its been 3 days since i met Niall in the park, i havent called or texted him jet.

So i decided to text him.


N= Niall S= Summer.

S: Hi Niall! Its summer(:

N: Hi Summer! i thought you lost my number(;

S: Nope i havent, and i missed you!):

N: Summer, i havent stopped thinking about you in all these 3 years!

S: Seriosly? Me too! I know this may sound stupid, but i think im still in love with you...

Nialls P.O.V:

I was texting with Summer, when Liam bursted into my room saying that there where food.

I cheered i bit, beacuse i love food! "I met Summer today!" I said to Liam.

"Like the Summer? The one you have been so crazy about?" He said, "Yeah, it is(:" I said, while walking down to the kitchen. 

- After dinner -

I checked my phone, if Summer may have texted me back. I opened the text, she had sended to me.


S: Seriosly? Me too! I know this may sound stupid, but i think im still in love with you...

Is she in love, with me? How can such a perfect person be in love, with me?!

N: It dosent sound stupid! Can i please take you out on a date sometimes?

S: Yes, ofcourse ! But when?

N: What about tommorow, at 7:40?

S: sounds great!

N: Okay, i will pick you up there(: 

- P.s wear something casual.

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