Over Again

I met Niall at my audition, on x-factor. We were pretty close, it was like he was my boyfriend. But after he came in a boyband, it was like he tried to ignore me.
Now 3 years later, i have tried and tried to forget him. But he is everywhere, on the tv, magazines, plus he is everywhere on the internet too. He sure cant remember me anymore, i know that. He dont have time for a 18 year old girl, he met on x-factor. But in somehow i still cant come over him!

I cant come over her, she was just so perfect!
i know that its been 3 years, but Summer was my world!
The boys know everything about her, and they will comfort me when im crying over her.
And i know its pretty sick, that i still love her, but she would always make me food and make me laugh!
I miss her.
I miss him.


2. Chapter 2

Summers P.O.V:

When the crazy fans came over to Niall, i decided that i didnt want to see him.

So i decided to take a little walk in the park.

Nialls P.O.V:

I started to run, into the park beacuse i know Summer loves the park.

I saw her sitting on a bench, in the park.

I started to walk over to the banch, and i sat down beside her.

Summers P.O.V: 

I sat down on the bench, when someone sad down beside me. I turned around my head, and saw it was Niall. "Hi Summer." He said. How can he remember me? What should i say to him?  "Hi Niall, long time ago." i said with an awkward smile. "Yeah, its actually been 3 years!" He said with a sad smile. "Would you like to meet up with me sometimes again?" He said and handed me a small piece of paper. I looked up at him, and he spoke again: "I need to go, but call me sometimes if you want." And with that words he walked away. I sighed and looked down at the paper, there stood: 897845268 (something i just made upxD) xoxo Nialler<3

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