Over Again

I met Niall at my audition, on x-factor. We were pretty close, it was like he was my boyfriend. But after he came in a boyband, it was like he tried to ignore me.
Now 3 years later, i have tried and tried to forget him. But he is everywhere, on the tv, magazines, plus he is everywhere on the internet too. He sure cant remember me anymore, i know that. He dont have time for a 18 year old girl, he met on x-factor. But in somehow i still cant come over him!

I cant come over her, she was just so perfect!
i know that its been 3 years, but Summer was my world!
The boys know everything about her, and they will comfort me when im crying over her.
And i know its pretty sick, that i still love her, but she would always make me food and make me laugh!
I miss her.
I miss him.


1. Chapter 1

Im at my job at starbucks. Boring but really high salary! "Summer come here now!"  My boss Chris said, i really hate him, beacuse he constantly costing around with me! I went over to him, and he stood there with a very irritated face. "Whats wrong Chris?" I said with the sweetest sugar voice in the world. He looked at me with the most irritated face ever, i swear he nearly could kill people with one look. "You are fired!" He said. I looked at him, and i could feel the tears in my eyes. I know this job sucks, but i am sparing sparing up to a new flat. "Why, Chris?" I said. "Beacuse the costumers complains about that they dont get the right drink!" He said. "WHATEVER I DONT LIKE THIS JOB TOO!" I screamed and raced out of the store. But then i saw two familiar blue eyes.

Nialls P.O.V:

I was heading out for some starbucks, when i saw Summer. She had tears in her eyes, and was running. She lifted her head up, and looked direct over in my eyes. We just stood there, and looked at eachothers. I suddenly began walking over to her, without a clue what i was doing. But then some screaming fans came over to me, and asked for pictures. I took a couple of pictures with them, and when im looked up to make sure Summer was there, she was gone.



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