But all too soon the urges come back, take over you and your original self is once again possessed, screaming for your body to stop. But you never stop. Vampires are evil demons, put on this world for no apparent reason but to cause havoc and unimaginable anguish wherever they go. They express no remorse, feel no love and relish in the pain of others. I should know, because I am one of them.

Issy lives with her family in a remote town in the English countryside. It was just like any other small town: boring and uneventful. Every day was the same: the same people, same routines, same surroundings. That is, of course, until the Vampires invaded, and everything turned upside down.


14. Adventure Story

"Get away from me." Mr Light said, his body taking on a defensive posture: elbows and knees slightly bent, jaw clenched. Now that we were the only two around, I guessed he felt he could confront me about what he saw.

"Look, Mr Light, you don't unders-"

"Oh I understand perfectly perfectly well: You're a Vampire." He sneered. "Now get away from me before I call the Force." I tensed at that; the thought of the Force coming after me was terrifying - they were ruthless. Compassion wasn't a priority for the members of the Force, and I'd seen them slay Vampires without a second thought on the news multiple times. I guessed that was necessary, after all, they had to do what needed to be done to protect our town. It's funny, I was always grateful for the Force, and felt the safest when I was near them. I fought the urge to laugh at the irony when I realised how I felt the complete opposite about them now. "I'm going to count to three..." Mr Light said after I hadn't replied.

"Mr Light, just hear me out. Please."




I growled and leapt towards him, tackling him and pushing him across the classroom until I had him pressed up against the wall. I had his wrists pinned to the wall above his head. I could tell his confidence was a bluff; I could smell his fear, something which I found out I could do since I was Turned. But even though I knew he was scared, I didn't want to risk him calling the Force.

"Mr Light." I stared into his eyes; they were wide with fright. I could hear his heart beating furiously in his chest, and my proximity to his neck unsettled me. I didn't want to be the monster I was trying to convince him I wasn't. "I know what you saw. And I know what you must be thinking. But I'm not like them." I took a deep breath. "That girl I tackled - she was a Vampire too. She was attacking my mum and I had to stop her from killing her. I've never done anything like that before." I paused as memories from the night I killed Pickles invaded my mind. "Trust me. I'm not a monster." I was trying to convince myself as much as I was trying to convince him. My gaze switched from his scared eyes to my hands pinning him to the wall. He was breathing in quick pants. "Okay, I know it doesn't look like that right now, but I had no choice - you were gonna call the Force on me. I-I'll let you go." I said, embarrassed. I gently released my grip on him and he darted out from between me and the wall to stand behind the desk, using it to put distance between us. "I know you shouldn't believe me but... It-it's just true, OK? Just, please: don't tell anyone." I stared at him pleadingly, but he said nothing. His eyes were still wide, and I could sense that he was battling with his options in his mind. "I-I'll just go. I'm sorry about... what just happened. Just please: don't tell anyone." I ran out of the classroom and out of the school.

* * *

I could hear it as soon as I walked in the front door. There was the distinctive sound of sobbing coming from upstairs; it quiet and muffled, but my enhanced hearing could pick it up. And I knew who it was: Alice. I jogged up the stairs and knocked gently on her door. The sobbing stopped.

"Uh, I'm just getting changed. Don't come in!" She shouted through the door. I could hear the tell-tale signs in her voice that she had been crying. I opened the door anyway.

"Oh Alice." I breathed as I entered the room. Her head shot up from her position where she sat on the floor by her bed: legs pulled up to her chest, head laying on them.

"Issy!" She protested.

"Alice, baby, why are you crying?" I came over  and sat down on the floor next to her. I wrapped her in a hug, which she gratefully returned. 

"I'm just... that whole thing with mum was just so scary." Her voice broke on the last word and she buried her head in my neck. I felt my heart tighten at what she said. I gently lifted her head up so I could look into her eyes; tears were already forming in them again. "Have you been crying like this ever since it happened?" She nodded. I pulled her back into a hug and held her, rocking her back and forth. "It's okay, Alice. I promise. Mum's fine, you're fine, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure nothing like that ever happens again. I promise that I will protect you and mum and dad. Against whatever-the-hell those Vampires throw at us. Okay?"

She mumbled "Okay" against my neck. 

"Good girl. Okay, are you feeling any better?" 

"A little, I guess."

"Good. So, how's about I tell you a story to take your mind off everything?"

"Okay." I could hear the happier tone in her voice - stories were our special thing.

"Okay then: what do you want to hear?"

"Tell me an adventure story."

* * *

Twenty minutes later we were both up, running around her room. The story had evolved into a role-play and we had ended up fake-fighting each other. Alice was the brave heroine and I was the evil pirate.

"Give it up, Captain Smith - you're no match for me!" Alice said as she pointed her ruler (acting as a sword) at me. Her eyes were sparkling with happiness, and I could help but break my character and grin back at her. 

"Aargh, never!" I said in my best pirate accent, still grinning. She lunged at me and I jumped back, then waved my wrapping-paper tube at her in an attempt to be menacing. She squealed and leapt back, then lost her balance and fell to the floor.

"Ow!" She yelped, and I dropped my fake-sword and knelt down to help her. I could smell the faint scent of... She brought her knee up and I spotted the trickling of blood coming from a cut on it. The sudden urge was so powerful and I felt my jaw tighten in anticipation of my fangs coming out. I sprang back up and leapt across the room until I was standing by the door, all in the space of a heartbeat. I looked back at her shocked face as she cradled her knee. I didn't have time for an explanation, and turned back and darted out of the room, across the landing and into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. That was too close. The pain in my stomach was so intense as I urged for the taste of blood that I had to bite on a towel to stop myself from groaning. I promised her I would protect her from Vampires. I wasn't getting off to a good start.

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