Living the life of a circus star

lily and her older brother Josh share the one same dream. To live the life of a circus star. They will do anything to get there but when lily gets spotted by a talent scout for singing this means lily has to choose between singing or circus. which will she choose ?


3. the awards ceremony

After all the other contestants had preformed the judges announced who would be proceeding to the next round. The suspense was unbearable Lucy hid behind Josh and secretly started to win. The head judge announced " The top four children who will be going through are: 4th place is Daniel smith the strong man, 3rd place is Scarlett Wheatley on hoop, 2nd place is Joshua lee on the trapeze." "well done Josh you deserve it," Lily said encouragingly. 

" Now 1st place goes to a special young lady a girl who wowed us with her talents and surprised us with her sportsmanship. Would Lily Lee like to come up and collect her two awards? At this moment in time Lily was just about to leave the auditorium but then when she heard her name she turned around and ran up to collect her awards. Her 1st place award was just like any ordinary trophy but her sportsmanship award was shaped like a dove. it was an elegant crystal-like glass dove . She had been awarded the sportsmanship crystal dove award.

As she went up to collect her awards a sense of pride came over her. The presenter congratulated her and shook her hand, "well done, Lily, you really deserve both of these awards. Your preformance was unlike any other from anyone remotely in your age group. I can see that you'll go really far in life." I thanked him for his kind words, slightly blushing of course.

How far could i really go in life at such a young age? Would i join a circus and travel the world only stopping to perform?

I had many questions floating around in my head. One stood out...

Would i have to leave Josh behind?

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