Living the life of a circus star

lily and her older brother Josh share the one same dream. To live the life of a circus star. They will do anything to get there but when lily gets spotted by a talent scout for singing this means lily has to choose between singing or circus. which will she choose ?


1. Lily's first event

" Lily, Lily wake up," Josh shouted. Lily reluctantly got out of bed glanced at her alarm clock " Uh oh I've overslept," she muttered. She ran to her wardrobe and quickly go into her leotard and put a jumper and tracksuit bottoms over the top. Then she sprinted down the stairs as fast as she could, meeting her older brother Josh at the bottom of the stairs whilst grabbing her coat. Then they both raced out the door slamming it behind them. As soon as they had  reached the train station they hopped on just as the doors were closing and grabbed the nearest available seats. When they finally reached London Lily and Josh were so excited they were lost for words. They would be in the under 16's intermediate circus skills talent test competition. As they stepped inside the massive building Lily felt the pressure build up. A woman ran up to the two children asking them for their names, ages and home cities. After that it was time for them to preform. This was what they'd both been working for their whole lives. First up was lily she was preforming silk.  As she climbed up purple fabric she realized her practiced routine wouldn't be enough to impress the judges. After she'd done her practiced routine she knew it would be risky but she was going to try a move guaranteed to wow the judges  but this move she had never done right never mind perfected it but she knew what had to be done. Lily lept  into the air whilst frantically wrapping silk round herself as she fell. just when she thought all hope was lost the silk tightened around her preventing her from hitting the ground then she gracefully landed on two feet. As she looked up everyone including four judges were on their feet clapping and cheering. This was how she knew she'd done well.

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