Living the life of a circus star

lily and her older brother Josh share the one same dream. To live the life of a circus star. They will do anything to get there but when lily gets spotted by a talent scout for singing this means lily has to choose between singing or circus. which will she choose ?


2. Josh's time to shine

 “Well done Lily that was the best thing you've ever done and was that a new move I saw there," Josh exclaimed. Lily blushed and modestly smiled. "Go on I think it's your turn now," Lily said encouragingly. Josh was only competing in one event the flying trapeze but because he was only competing in one event that meant he was an absolute expert at it. He leapt up to reach the bar swung up and he pulled himself up onto the bar. Now Josh was really in his element. Leaping in to pikes, tucks and straddles and just catching the bar really got the audience cheering. To wow the crowd he hung from different parts of his body. Finally he gracefully dropped to the floor.

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