Finally Found You

This story is for the competition: "What happens backstage"
One year ago Emily a twenty two year old girl was in England for her best friend's graduation ceremony. One night on her way back to her friend's flat she saw a boy lying on the floor. Her first though was to run, but as she looked at him she knew she couldn't leave him there. He had the face of an angel and she had to help him. She took him with her at the flat and took care of him. The next morning he left telling her that they will meet again. Weeks later Emily discovered that he was no ordinary boy, he was a member of the biggest boy band on the planet; One Direction! After months of trying she finally managed to get tickets for their concert. Will Emily get to talk to him again?? And if she does will he still remember her??


4. The Apocalypse

2 Weeks later


I was back at home in Cyprus. I was meeting my friends tonight even though I didn't feel like it. It's been 2 weeks and all I can think of is Niall! Where is he? What is he doing? Is he alright? And mostly will I ever see him again? Since that day Georgia and all of my friends have been trying to get my mind off of him without any success. We were going at Matt’s house one of our closest friend, and I just finished getting ready when Georgia called me telling me that she is ready as well. I picked her up and set off. 10 minutes later we arrived. Since nobody else arrived yet the three of us decided to watch something on the TV  I clicked on MTV to listen to some songs. While we were talking a nice melody came from the TV, I turned to look at the TV and stared at it in surprise. "Niall" I muttered. They both turned looking at me and then the screen. They both had a wondering look on their face until Niall appeared on the screen again, and this time singing. "That's him isn't it?" Said Georgia looking as surprised as me. I nodded not taking my eyes off the screen. I wrote down the name of the band. I searched Google immediately and read out loud " One Direction are a British-Irish pop boy band based in London consisting of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.” He was telling me the truth about fans going crazy! And that's why he was surprised that I didn't know who he was!! "So he wasn't a homeless guy after all." Whispered Georgia. I was too shocked to reply to her so I just kept staring at a picture of him I found on Google.

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