Finally Found You

This story is for the competition: "What happens backstage"
One year ago Emily a twenty two year old girl was in England for her best friend's graduation ceremony. One night on her way back to her friend's flat she saw a boy lying on the floor. Her first though was to run, but as she looked at him she knew she couldn't leave him there. He had the face of an angel and she had to help him. She took him with her at the flat and took care of him. The next morning he left telling her that they will meet again. Weeks later Emily discovered that he was no ordinary boy, he was a member of the biggest boy band on the planet; One Direction! After months of trying she finally managed to get tickets for their concert. Will Emily get to talk to him again?? And if she does will he still remember her??


11. My Happy Ending



Emily's Pov


"Emily!!" I heard a voice calling my name and I knew exactly who it was! Me " What do you want Niall??"
Niall  "I wanna know the truth! Tell me is it really you?? Are you really that girl??"
Me " What do you think?? I traveled all the way here tell you that I am the one you've been looking for making up all those little details which, according to you, never came out and they all happened to be correct?" Niall "So it's really you??"
" Yes! This is what I've been trying to tell you the whole time but you wouldn't believe me!" I said letting a tear. 
Niall said nothing. He came a bit closer to me making my heart beat like crazy. He wiped away my tears and hugged me tightly.
" I am so sorry I didn't believe you! I just thought that I will never find you!!" He said between sobs.
Me " It's okay Niall. You believe me now. We found each other that's all that matters to me! So please stop crying!"
He broke the hug wiped his tears and smiled.
Niall " Do you wanna have dinner with me tomorrow??"
Me " I would love to!"
The night of the dinner Niall asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes and well we've been together ever since. The six of us tour the world together and it's been really fun. Actually they are touring the world singing and I am just sitting backstage enjoying their music!

                                                           ----THE END----

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