Finally Found You

This story is for the competition: "What happens backstage"
One year ago Emily a twenty two year old girl was in England for her best friend's graduation ceremony. One night on her way back to her friend's flat she saw a boy lying on the floor. Her first though was to run, but as she looked at him she knew she couldn't leave him there. He had the face of an angel and she had to help him. She took him with her at the flat and took care of him. The next morning he left telling her that they will meet again. Weeks later Emily discovered that he was no ordinary boy, he was a member of the biggest boy band on the planet; One Direction! After months of trying she finally managed to get tickets for their concert. Will Emily get to talk to him again?? And if she does will he still remember her??


10. Is It A Coincidence?

Niall's Pov

We just finished another concert, the last of the tour and we went backstage to meet some of our lovely Directioners! So far I met 3 of them a boy and two girls one of which is still talking to me, and honestly I don't even know what she is talking about! I was so tired that I was fighting to keep my eyes open and seem interested in what she was saying when Harry approached us.

Harry " Excuse me. I don't wanna be rude but it's late and we are getting tired and those 2 girls haven't got the chance to talk to Niall so..."
Girl "Well excuse me but I don't care! If you are tired you can go to bed Niall is my boyfriend and he isn't tired at all!!!"
Me "I am your what?!?! Look girl we all love our fans and we did this for you guys but you need to understand that it has been a long night and I really want to go to bed so please if you are done can you go home?"
"Okay baby and I'm sorry" she said leaving.
Harry "That was easy!!"
Me "Yeah.."
Harry " See that girl over there she's been staring at you the whole time she mentioned something about you shirt. She claims that she is the one who gave it to you..."
Me "Harry please we both know who gave this to me!"
Harry " You haven't heard the funny part yet! Do you know what her name is?"
Me " No! How am I supposed to know her name??"
Harry " Her name is Emily just like your girl! You know the one that saved you that night and gave you this shirt. Do you think that it could actually be her??"
Me "I don't know... It might be a coincidence..."
Harry " But is it?? Come on go talk to her she might be the one!"
Me " Fine I'll go but I doubt it! She wasn't a directioner you know unlike this girl..."
Harry " What if she came here for you??"
Me "There is no way she would do that! Why would she even bother to look for me??"
Harry "For the same reason you've been looking for her Niall!!"
Me " Whatever..."

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