Finally Found You

This story is for the competition: "What happens backstage"
One year ago Emily a twenty two year old girl was in England for her best friend's graduation ceremony. One night on her way back to her friend's flat she saw a boy lying on the floor. Her first though was to run, but as she looked at him she knew she couldn't leave him there. He had the face of an angel and she had to help him. She took him with her at the flat and took care of him. The next morning he left telling her that they will meet again. Weeks later Emily discovered that he was no ordinary boy, he was a member of the biggest boy band on the planet; One Direction! After months of trying she finally managed to get tickets for their concert. Will Emily get to talk to him again?? And if she does will he still remember her??


9. Everything Has Changed

***None of this conversations are real I just made them up for the sake of the story. The only real part is about the small solos Niall and Louis get the rest are just from my imagination.***





Niall's Pov

It's been a year since that day. The day I met my princess! The girl who opened her house to me and took care of me without screaming my name or crying! When I left her house that day I went back to my house took a shower changed clothes and called our management team telling them that I wanted to talk. I went by their office and told them that I'll leave the band unless they start treating us all the same I wasn't doing it just for me I was doing it for Louis as well. They laughed saying that I can't leave the band until my contract says so. "My contract doesn't say part time singer! It doesn't say that I will get the least solos or low volume microphones on stage!!"I snapped at them. Thankfully it worked! Whatever I said scared them so they said ok. Both Louis and I got longer solos, in fact sometimes we get longer solos than the rest of the guys to make up for the previous albums. At least that's what they said. We are all equals now and it feels good! After that I went to find her but instead I found an empty flat I asked around if anyone knew her or where she was but the answer was no. I kept looking for her on twitter the street everywhere but I just couldn't find her and that's when I thought that she might not want me to find her. The lads helped me search for her as well but we didn't get far. Since the day I met her my whole life has changed but because of her I never wanna go backstage after a concert. Why? Because being there reminds me of her and the day we met but I can't avoid it. As the boys relax and joke around backstage all I wanna do is leave! The only time I'm glad I am backstage is when I get something to eat!!

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