Finally Found You

This story is for the competition: "What happens backstage"
One year ago Emily a twenty two year old girl was in England for her best friend's graduation ceremony. One night on her way back to her friend's flat she saw a boy lying on the floor. Her first though was to run, but as she looked at him she knew she couldn't leave him there. He had the face of an angel and she had to help him. She took him with her at the flat and took care of him. The next morning he left telling her that they will meet again. Weeks later Emily discovered that he was no ordinary boy, he was a member of the biggest boy band on the planet; One Direction! After months of trying she finally managed to get tickets for their concert. Will Emily get to talk to him again?? And if she does will he still remember her??


1. The Last Concert



We wanna thank every single one of you for being here!! Said Louis leading everyone in the crowd into screaming!! It was the last day of the tour so the boys decided to let 5 lucky fans backstage with them after the concert and it was time to announce the winners. The boys wanted to make sure that the ones who got backstage deserved it so they asked as to tweet them whatever question we have for them or even just a message along with our seat number. Each one of them was to read their favourite tweet. Liam went on first he read a tweet and started looking in the crowd for that lucky girl. The girl was on the back and she started jumping and waving at them, Liam asked her to walk to Paul and wait there. She was surprised because we had no idea about their little competition and neither for the prize!! Zayn read his favourite tweet next and asked a boy to do the same as the first girl. And so did Louis when he read his favourite one. Niall and Harry then started talking: Harry - "so this one is quite unique because it was not only tweeted by two girls.." Niall "-it also comes from far far away" Harry - "and since both of us visited this country and love it we picked it as our favourite one." Niall - "Harry and I had a disagreement on who is going to read it but you girls gave us the solution since there is two of you and two of us it is only fair if we awarded both of you so thank you girls for that tweet!!" Georgia(my bff) and I were holding hands wishing that it is our tweet cause we tweeted them together and we are from far far away!! Niall and Harry - "So the last tweet is... "@onedirection we travelled all the way from Cyprus to be here tonight!! We will go to the end of the world for you guys!!" And this is from @emilylovesliam_ and @G_e-o_r-g_i-A!! And you are sitting in A01 and A02." I looked at my friend puzzled!! ""This is our tweet I can't believe they read it!!! OMG"" I told her. Niall - "Girls go on walk to Paul!" Georgia dragged me where the other 3 directioners where as Niall's words echoed in my head "We will meet again my dear!!""


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