Dear Louis

A girl named Ashleigh, is living a carefree life with her best friend Taliah. Until one day, Ashleigh started getting bullied. Her other best friend, Louis Tomlinson, is on tour with his band, One Direction. The only person Ashleigh can turn to is Taliah, but what will Taliah do? What can Louis do to save her? Can Louis save Ashleigh?


1. There's a firerly, loose tonight.

Ashleigh's P.O.V

"ASHLEIGH! Come downstairs!" My mum shouted, I ran downstairs. It's my 18th birthday today. I was so excited to see what mum brought me, we weren't a very rich family so I didn't get much. I ran downstairs and into the kitchen and saw mum standing there with a big box in her hand.

"Ohmygod! What is it?" I asked excitedly, she laughed and handed it to me.

"Open it and see." She said, I looked up at her with a huge smile on my face. I unwrapped the box and revealed an apple laptop! I screamed and hugged mum. I was so excited. I logged onto it quick and it had everything set up, my facebook, tumblr, twitter. I was so happy. I got an I.M message, It was from Louis.

"Hello darling! Sorry I cant be there today to give you a birthday hug :( Happy Birthday love! Miss you loads, have a good day ~ Lou xx"  I was so excited! Me and Louis hadn't talked for a long time! he was touring with his band One Direction. I missed him so much.

"Hey Boo bear, Its okay, this is just as good! Thank you! I miss you too, how is the tour going? Can't wait to see you again! ~Ash xx" I sat there waiting for a reply, it took a while, but I understood. He was busy, like always.

"Ashleigh, you still have to go to school." Mum said, My face dropped, I forgot about that prison. I hated school. I never got noticed, not that I wanted to, it was just boring, only knowing your best friend, Taliah. Speaking of Taliah she was supposed to come over this morning, she always picks me up and takes me to school. My car is crap and its embarrassing showing up to school in it. Everyone else has fancy cars, then there's me with a piece of crap that dad left me. Dad is a marine Biologist so he's never really home, but when he is, it's awesome! My sister, Courteney, is a year older than me. She goes to University and she's hardly around either, so its just me and my mum basically. Courteney comes home for mid-term break sometimes, but I never see her. I'm always at school, when I get home from school, she cant be disturbed, she's "in the zone" that's what mum says. She has to study.

I ran upstairs and got changed into some jeans and a sweater. I tied my ginger hair in a French braid and put some makeup on. I heard Taliah's car beep, I grabbed my bag and ran downstairs, I put my shoes on, gave mum a kiss and ran out.

"Hey birthday girl!" She said, I got in the car and hugged her.

"Hello." I replied, she smiled at me and started to drive.

"What did you get for your birthday?" She asked, looking in the mirror.

"Laptop." I said, she looked at me with big eyes. Taliah's family were rich, she got everything she wanted. She was always shocked that I got a laptop at 18. Me and Taliah have been friends since freshman year of High School, we're seniors now and we're planning on moving into a big house when we graduate.

"That's awesome!" She said, high fiving me. I laughed, we stopped at the bakery and brought some lunch, then we headed for school. I was eating my sandwich, because I didn't have breakfast.

"Louis IM'd me this morning." I said, wiping my mouth. She chocked on her sandwich and looked at me, eyes wider than before, me and Taliah have been friends with Louis for a long time, me longer, I've known him for 12 years, we met when I was 6 and he was 7. He joined xfactor last year and now him and his band are international. We miss him lots.

"Really? What did he say?" She asked, her mouth full of food. I laughed when she spat some out.

"He just said Happy Birthday to me and that he missed me." I said, she smiled and looked at me. I smiled back. We arrived at school and everyone was throwing things and shouting at people. First day back, what do you expect? Yeah, sucky, my birthday is on the first day back of school. Its bad luck. I wanted today to be perfect, just me and Taliah. No school. But that wasn't really my choice. My mum was always concerned about my learning, my whole family were really smart, I wasn't. We walked to our lockers which were near each other, we got out our books and walked to class together. The bell rang and we sat down at our tables. Taliah had her phone out texting, not surprised. When she put her phone away the whole class, besides me, got a text at the same time. All kinds of different noises went off. Our teacher wasn't in the class yet so we didn't get in trouble. Everyone in the class looked at Taliah, smiled and nodded. I was so confused. School finally finished and Taliah took me to the mall, it was my birthday present from her, $300 on clothes, she was so amazing. We brought all kinds of different outfits, I also got a belly button piercing and a tattoo which was cool but I was never really the tattoo kind of person, it was lyrics to firefly by Ed Sheeran on my shoulder in cursive writing.

"There's a firefly loose tonight, better catch it before it runs this place down. The world looks better, through your eyes."

My mum used to sing that song to me. I love it, I don't know why, I just do. It's unique, and special. Also, Im in love with Ed Sheeran, his songs are so beautiful. We got to Taliah's house and walked in, the lights were all low and it was quiet. Out of nowhere people jumped out and shouted SUPRISE! Music started blasting and drinks were being served.

"Did you do this?" I asked Taliah, trying to shout over the music. She nodded. I smiled at her, but I didn't really like it, I didn't know half these people.

Half way through the night, it was about 12:30 am. More and more people started showing up, I was sitting on the couch most of the night, when I decided I needed some air. I walked outside when a big black Range Rover pulled up and out stepped...

"LOUIS!" I shouted running to the car, he looked at me and smiled, he opened his arms and pulled me into a hug, he put me down fast.

"You smell like, smoke, alcohol and sex." He said, I laughed.

"Its in there, don't worry. I did none of that." I said, he giggled.

"Good." He said, the other boys jumped out the car and walked into the house, everyone was still cool about it. I was happy to see Louis again.

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