Dear Louis

A girl named Ashleigh, is living a carefree life with her best friend Taliah. Until one day, Ashleigh started getting bullied. Her other best friend, Louis Tomlinson, is on tour with his band, One Direction. The only person Ashleigh can turn to is Taliah, but what will Taliah do? What can Louis do to save her? Can Louis save Ashleigh?


5. I hate my life.

Louis's P.O.V

Harry took me into the bedroom to calm me down. I was in tears, I couldn't leave Ashleigh. Not when she was like this. No chance in hell was I letting them assholes near her again! He shut the door and locked it. He removed the hair that was over his face and looked at me, I wiped the tears away and looked at him.

"Mate, she's going to be okay." He said, he put his hand on my shoulder, I shook my head.

"I cant leave her here. Not by herself." I said, Harry breathed loudly.

"She should come with us." He said, I looked up at him. Why didn't I think of that? Perfect!

"Really? A girl, on a bus with 5 other lads?" I asked, he smiled.

"We'll see. But we have to go." Harry said, he walked out the room and left me there by myself. Ashleigh coming on tour with us. That'd be awesome.

Harry's P.O.V

I walked over to where Ashleigh was laying on the couch. I sat down next to her and brushed the hair from her face. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled when she saw me.

"Welcome back." I said, she giggled and stretched. But then screeched when she moved her leg. It was still sore from the kicking.

"Im sore.. and in pain." She said, not moving at all.

"We're going to look after you." I said, she let out a little laugh.

"Yeah right, you and the others are going on tour. Aren't you supposed to be leaving now?" She asked, I smiled and stood up.

"Oh yeah, and you're coming with us." I said. I picked her up bridal style and walked outside to the tour bus. Niall opened the door and I put her on the bed.

"What? I cant do that." She said. 

"Why not?" I replied, she looked away from me.

"Because, I just cant." She said. I walked over to her and kissed her forehead.

"Get some rest." I said, I walked out and shut the door.

Ashleigh's P.O.V

I woke up. I heard the boys talking. I walked towards the door and put my ear against it to listen. I didn't hear anything anymore. The door knob turned and I ran to the bed and flew my self onto it.

"Ashleigh, are you awake?" Niall asked, I turned around and nodded.

"yeah." I said, I sat up and looked at him. My arm hurt.

"How are you feeling?" He asked, I smiled.

"Better, my arm is still really sore though." I said, I placed my hand on my right arm and covered the bruise on it.

"Im sorry this happened to you." He said, his chin dropped. I lifted his head up with my index finger.

"Don't be. Its not your fault." I said, he nodded.

"Lets go shopping! Brighten the mood." He said, he jumped.

"Okay." I replied.

We drove to the mall and there were paparazzi everywhere. We ran into the mall and the security guards stopped them. We went into Urban Outfitters and I tried on some clothes. I brought a few and Niall carried my bags. It had been about 3 hours and we decided to go home. We went back outside where more paparazzi were and screaming girls. Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me through them to the car. We got in and he drove off.

"Do you get that everyday?" I asked, out of breath.

"Pretty much." He said, he laughed.

"Wow, I've grown a lot of respect for you now Niall." I said, he giggled to himself.

We got home and the boys were sitting down in front of the TV. Their eyes were glued to it.

"We're bacccck!" Niall sung as he walked through the door of the bus. They ignored him and looked at the TV. I walked over to the TV and it was me and Niall. People saying we're in a relationship. I ran to the bedroom and grabbed Louis's laptop. I logged onto my facebook and so many people were saying things about me.

I hate my life.

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