Dear Louis

A girl named Ashleigh, is living a carefree life with her best friend Taliah. Until one day, Ashleigh started getting bullied. Her other best friend, Louis Tomlinson, is on tour with his band, One Direction. The only person Ashleigh can turn to is Taliah, but what will Taliah do? What can Louis do to save her? Can Louis save Ashleigh?


3. everybody hates me

Louis's P.O.V

It was 3pm, i had to go pick up Ashleigh from school. I got in the car and drove to the school. I waited there for half an hour and didn't see Ashleigh at all. I gave up and got out the car. I went into the school to go look for her. I asked the teachers if they had seen her, they said no. I walked down a long corridoor and heard a girl in the bathroom crying. I walked in. I saw Ashleigh sitting on the floor in tears. I sat down beside her. 

"You are aware this is the girls bathroom?" She asked, wiping the tears away. 

"I know, i've been in here pleanty of times before." I said, i giggled. "You going to tell me whats wrong?" I asked. She looked at me and sniffed. 

"Someone said I slept with you and Harry in the same night and Taliah hates me and I have no friends, im now the school slut." She explained. My fist tightened and my cheeks heated up. I was mad. 

"Who said this?" I asked, moving the hair away from her face. 

"I dont know Louis! If i knew i would tell you! And i wouldn't use the word 'someone'" She shouted, tears rushing down her face. I rubbed her back. 

"Its going to be okay." I said, she fell onto my chest and cried. 

"Everyone hates me." She whispered calmly. I had to tell her i was going on tour tomorrow and wont be able to look after her. She needed a friend, thats all she needed, but i couldnt be that friend. i didnt want to tell her. Not right now. The bathroom door opened and Taliah walked in.

"Oh shit! Sorry. Didn't know this bathroom was for fucking." She said, I got up and walked over to her. She tried to walk out the bathroom but i grabbed her arm and threw her up against the door.


"So its true." She said, looking at Ashleigh, "You really are a slut aren't you." 

I threw Taliah to the ground in anger. 

"LOUIS STOP!" Ashleigh shouted, pulling my arm back. 

"No! She's a fucking bitch!" I shouted. 

"She's my best friend!" Ashleigh yelled.

"What? After what she's done." I said, I was so mad. Taliah stood up and laughed. She walked out the bathroom laughing to herself. 

"Please, stop." She said, i hugged her. 

"Lets get you home." I said, we walked out the bathroom and to the car. I drove her home and her mum was in. I dropped her off and she turned around and hugged me then walked into her house. Shit! I forgot to tell her I was leaving. I'll just leave a letter for her. 


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