Georgia Anne Rose

Georgia was a normal girl who loves the boys of One Direction.One day she is at a bar when someone taps on her shoulder.She is invited on tour with someone very special but thinks she wont have any problems.Is she right or wrong?Find out in this ride of a story.


13. The talk

I woke up at 5 and went into Niall's room.I woke him up and he looked at me with his adorable blue eyes."It wan't a dream.Your really back.I'm so sorry I just I don't know I thought you didn't like me anymore and you liked Austin.Please forgive me?"He said.

"Aw Niall I am most likely to always forgive you.You will always be my little Leprechaun."I said with a smile.He laughed his adorable laugh and gave me a kiss.Then we went back to the living room and fell asleep on the couch.In the morning the boys were surrounding us.They had posted pics of us all over twitter.I kissed Niall on the cheek and went to get Nandos.When I came back the boys left me a note saying they had gone to a interview and that I should listen so I turned on the radio.

Interviewer : So boys I here your doing good.And also that Niall has a girlfriend.Is this true?

Niall : Oh it is and she is the best princess I could ask for.

Harry : They are adorable together.Plus she is understanding.

Interviewer : How is that so?

Niall : Well I got drunk and slept with a different girl and she saw me come out in the morning.After that she cried and called her friends and they came.She stayed with them and they yelled at her for my mistake.I broke up with her because I thought I messed up her life but she left and walked to our hotel in the rain.I was in the kitchen and she came and told me to go to sleep.At five she told me that she still loved me.She is truly amazing.She is and always will be my princess.

Interviewer : She is very understanding.I am happy for you.Boys what do you think of her?

Liam : She is very pretty.Perrie,Danni,and El all like her.Plus she is a well natured person.I am glad that her and Niall had got together,she is his missing link or as he calls it,his princess.

Harry : See I had a crush on her but Niall beat me to her.It was well to be honest,amazing.I would be bummed out but if he has found his princess I don't care if shes my ex.Just as long as he is happy.

Niall : Thanks Harry.

Zayn : Oh.Where do I start.She has been a blessing.She helped our Niall find the meaning of love,shes become a friend to us all, and she makes some awesome food.

Everyone : Hahahaha.

Louis : She is awesome.SHE LOVES KEVIN!

Interviewer : Well thats it for today join us next week where Justin Bieber will be here! Bye

Everyone : Bye everyone!

I was so happy that Niall was happy again.I couldn't wait till he got home.I loved him a lot but I didn't show it enough.I waited for them to come home for three hours but it didn't happen and I got worried.After I asked the girls if they knew I tried calling them.Finally Niall answered."Hey where are you guys?"

"Sorry love we had a signing and then we had to go to Zayn's mums house.Sorry I forgot to call when my phone came back on."He said.I nodded and told him to be safe and home soon.I felt like a mum.After I hung up I decided that I would go to Starbucks to get my usual.When I got there I had a nasty surprise waiting for me.

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