Georgia Anne Rose

Georgia was a normal girl who loves the boys of One Direction.One day she is at a bar when someone taps on her shoulder.She is invited on tour with someone very special but thinks she wont have any problems.Is she right or wrong?Find out in this ride of a story.


7. talking to the girl

Hey my cupcakes.Sorry its been forever but I entered the fandom contest and thought i would do one about Justin Beiber because I don't Like him that much #nohate.Well I have also started school so yeah.I was wondering if people would please fan me for my 18 birthday?Well I will update when ever I can my cupcakes ok!!!LOVE YOU GUYS!!!



I walked in and saw the girl from earlier."Hi."She said.

"What do you want with my Niall?"I asked.Her eyes got big before she gasped.

''He told me he was single and all that when did you two start dating.''She said.I told her and it turns out that they had been dating for longer.We grabbed some coffee and talked.She was now one of my friends so I invited her over and we were going to play dumb.I walked into the house knowing all of the boys were in the living room.I laughed making them all look at me.

''Hey guys.''I said waving.

''That's the girl Niall is cheating on you with.''Liam said glaring at her.I nodded and explained.Niall then walked down the stairs.He looked at her with disgust then looked at me and ran giving me a hug.

''I didn't mean any of that and I'm sorry for cheating on you.''He said shakily.I could tell he had been crying and was going to again.I peeled him off me and looked at him understandingly.He kissed my forehead before looking back at Alexis.Before he could say anything I barged in.

''We worked it out and she is sorry for interfering but don't yell at her.''He nodded.He guided her to the door before he pulled me into a kiss.We explained it to the guys and went to our room.We fell asleep watching a movie.

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