Georgia Anne Rose

Georgia was a normal girl who loves the boys of One Direction.One day she is at a bar when someone taps on her shoulder.She is invited on tour with someone very special but thinks she wont have any problems.Is she right or wrong?Find out in this ride of a story.


14. Running Into Her...

There was Hannah standing at the counter,ordering her usual.How did I know her and her usual?Ha well we were best friends freshman year and we would bully others and get Starbucks and of course hang out ALL of the time.Well one day she "accidentally" spilled her chilled chocolate latte on me.Everyone started laughing and she joined in.I just stood there shocked before running to the bathroom.And that is when I met Raelyn.

*Flash Back*

I ran into the bathroom tears falling fast and the coffee all over my cashmere shirt.I was mad.A pretty girl was fixing her makeup.She had been crying."Are you ok?What happened.It looks like Hannah spilled her coffee on you."She said as I slouched against the wall.

"Thats exactly what happened.I thought we were friends."I began to cry again.

"She makes every girl feel like that.Trust me.I was one of Hannah's minions once.I broke up with my boyfriend Harry or as everyone called him Marcel.I made fun of him but I regretted it.I hated popularity.But I got a new boyfriend.Austin.We broke up when he moved and thats when she changed.Oh sorry,how rude am I.I am Raelyn Alarcon."She came over and we talked for a while before she helped me clean most of it off and she gave me her back up shirt.That's when I started wearing well not expensive clothes.

*End Of Flash Back*

She had a new crew.When they sat down she sat near the edge.Thats when I thought of a plan.I went to the counter and asked for two Mint chocolate lattes.One chilled and one not.When I got them I walked by Hannah and "accidentally" dropped my chilled latte on her.It got down her shirt,on her jacket,on her shorts,and in her hair."Whoops I'm sorry it just kinda...Slipped."I said laughing.I had a random person video tape it for me and I gave them 25 pounds.I then walked out and down to my favorite park.I sat there sipping my latte and enjoying the beautiful view of the swans on the sparkling water of the lake.I sat there for like an hour before I got a call.It was from my sweetheart,Niall."Hey Ni."I cooed.

"Hey Georgia love.Where are you?We got home and you weren't here.''He questioned.

"Well if you would have read the note in the fridge on your cake you would have known I went to Starbucks.I'm on my way home.K?"I replied.

"Oh um ok haha love ya."He said.I said it back and started home.When I got through the front door Niall ran up to me,spinning me and giving me a kiss.I giggled and he put me down.Thats when I told them about what happened at Starbucks.After I was half way done I got a call.
"Hello?"I asked.

"Um is this Georgia?"The girl asked.That voice was really familiar.

"Yes.Who is this?"I replied back.

"Its me Raelyn! Omg you have no clue how many times I called you old number.Haha I'm glad Carmen had this one."She giggled out.I sqealed and told her what happened today and how I was just talking about her and about how my life was.She told me about hers and we had arranged a meet up tonight with both of our boyfriends.When I finally hung up I told the puzzled boys who that was and what we were doing tonight.They nodded and I finished the story.We finally started getting ready for our 9 O'clock date with my bff and our boyfriends.

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