Georgia Anne Rose

Georgia was a normal girl who loves the boys of One Direction.One day she is at a bar when someone taps on her shoulder.She is invited on tour with someone very special but thinks she wont have any problems.Is she right or wrong?Find out in this ride of a story.


9. Her

When I woke up I heard Ni laughing down stairs.I stood up and looked in the mirror.I fixed my bed head and my make up before going down the stairs."Hey babe.''Niall said grabbing me by the waist.I giggled turning to face the cute Irish boy behind me.

''Lets go out.''I pouted.He nodded in a thinking way.

"Carnival?''He suggested.I squealed and ran up stairs to get ready.''I'LL TAKE THAT AS A YES!!"He screamed after me.I laughed as I chose my outfit and make up.I chose a green 'Shut up and kiss meh 'crop top some blue jean shorts and ripped see through leggings with my nude toms.I put on a think layer of mascara,green eye shadow,and a light application of eye liner on top and bottom.I walked down stairs where NiNi sat with a blue soccer shirt or as he calls it football shirt with the number 9 on it because of his birth month,blue skinnies,And his black toms.I love it.''Oh yeah princess?''

''Wait I said that out loud?''I got a laugh from Niall and the others.''Hey be quiet I'm not the best at this whole don't speak your mind thing."I said making them chuckle again."Uhhhh.''I huffed crossing my arms and walking to the kitchen.

''Princess we are sorry!"Nialler called. 

"Carrot queen we didn't mean it!"Lou yelled.

"Love please don't be mad at us.''Li chirped.

"Harry sorry."Harry cried.I ran in and jumped on the boys."Yay!"Haz quickly said.

"Lets go."Niall said picking me up.I nodded and waved to the boys before racing him to the car without him knowing or he would have won.''I let you win."He whispered in my ear as he buckled himself in.I giggled and playfully rolled my eyes.When we got there we bought 300 tickets to share for three autographs.She was a fan.We rode and played and signed and sung and more.He had to go to the loo so I sat down on a bench to wait.

''Huh if it isn't the girl who called me out and made me lose 3,000 swifties.''A not so familiar voice chirped.I started the voice recorder because it would be worth it.

''Well hey miss Swift.''

''Do not call me that.''She snapped.

''Why so mean?"I asked oh so nicely.She huffed and talked until my hansom Niall came waltzing out of the loo.

''Oh hello Swift may I help ya."He said a thick Irish accent coating it.

''Just having a freindly word with this beautiful stranger.''She said harshly patting my back but making it not obvious. 

''That me girlfriend Georgia.''He said way to perky.

''Oh.''She said,surprised.Ni nodded before she kissed him on the cheek and told us farewell.

"I heard it with me own ears.''Fully using his accent like earlier.I giggled before kissing him.I blocked everything out and focused on the kiss.It was hard but passionate.His lips were warm and soft while hard and mean at the same time.He smirked after I pulled away.''Perfect.It's just perfect.At a carnival with the perfect girl and topped with a sweet kiss.''He said causing me to look down and blush.''Princess your cute when you blush.''He whispered gently pulling my head up.I pecked his lips and we carried on with our amaZAYN day.




HEY cupcakes!!!!So here is that other chapter I told you about poof.Haha well anyways I spent a LOT of time on it so I hope that yous like it and if you would give it feedback.Also if you haven't already plz go read some of my otha bookies and give meh some feedback on them pees.Thx for the awesomeness you peeps give me and plz tel your people to read and fan and all that to me because I'm starting to feel lonely with like no fans and stuff like that.Also those four fans I do have thanks I WOVE WOOO.Lol meh baby mode right therr so yeah.Thanks a lot again.Love You All!!!!Bye my cupcakes

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