Georgia Anne Rose

Georgia was a normal girl who loves the boys of One Direction.One day she is at a bar when someone taps on her shoulder.She is invited on tour with someone very special but thinks she wont have any problems.Is she right or wrong?Find out in this ride of a story.


5. Food Fight

                                                                 ~Niall's POV~

Georgia said something about me being hungry so I dumped flour on her and laughed before she attacked me with mustard.I stood there gathering what happened before grabbing the chocolate syrup from the fridge.I put some in her hair before getting hit by an egg.After we had a huge food fight we hopped into the shower.She got the one in our room and I took Zayn's.I walked in our room and saw Georgia standing in nothing but a towel."Sorry!"I said before walking out but she gabbed my hand.

"It's not like you wont see it somtime."She said shutting the door.She grabbed one of my shirts and some of my basketball shorts.She dropped her towel and put my shirt on along with the shorts.

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